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This article reviews how to manage forms in Maxwell, including:

Forms dashboard 

When you go to Tools > Forms, you’ll see all your forms listed in alphabetical order by vendor. Each form has its own mini-dashboard that lets you know how many forms are in each status. Please note that Standard Administrators will only see forms for the eligibility groups that are visible to them.


Let's review the statuses a form can be in:

  • With Employee: These forms have been sent to employees and are waiting for their signature
  • Needs your Signature/Approval: If a form is in this status, it means you need to take action. Depending on the type of form, you'll either need to sign or approve.
  • Completed: Once forms have been signed or approved by all parties, they will live in this circle, where you can download them.

To find out more information and take actions on sent forms, click into the circles.



Adding a form

If you'd like to add a form to your Maxwell portal, you can upload it here and the Maxwell team will get that set up and added for you within a few days.

Deleting a form

Individual forms that are with the employee or the Admin can be deleted if no longer needed. On the "Sent Forms" tab, just click Delete from the drop-down.


Archiving a form

If your company is no longer using a form, you can archive it, which will move it to the "Archived Forms" section at the bottom of the dashboard. Archiving prevents the form from sending to employees. You'll still be able to view and download all the individual versions of the form that were signed by employees, and restore the form at any time if needed. Please note that if any copies of the form are in progress with the employee or the Administrator, they will be removed and you won't be able to get them back. An alternative is to turn off "Auto-Sending" under the form's "Settings."


Managing forms by employee

You can also check in on any employee's forms by going straight to their profile in the Admin view (navigate to People > Active Employees > View Profile). Just click the "Forms" tab and you'll see which forms are with the employee, which need your approval or signature, and which are completed and ready for download.


You can also approve or sign a form right from this view, as well as download all the employee’s completed forms in bulk into a single zip file. If you realize you forgot to send a form, click Send Forms straight from this view and the employee will have it in no time.

Viewing legacy forms 
If you were an existing employer before the new forms functionality was released, your finalized forms will live under a tab called "Legacy Forms." Go to Tools > Legacy Forms and you’ll see that your finalized forms are available for download.


  • If you delete or terminate an employee, they will still appear on the forms dashboard, even if the form is incomplete (with the employee or hasn't yet been signed by you). You can delete the form from the dashboard manually.
  • By default, the ability to view, sign, or approve a form expires 120 days after sending the form to the employee. When the form expires, it can no longer be viewed, approved, or signed, and will need to be resent to the employee. This is a DocuSign setting and cannot be changed.
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