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Here are questions Administrators who are new to Maxwell Health, or using a tool within Maxwell for the first time, often have. We’re here to help!

See questions below for the following categories:

New hires and enrollments

What setup should I expect for annual open enrollment?

Your Account Manager will work with your Advisor to set up your annual open enrollment. Your Advisor will provide information upon implementation, including specifications of your company’s benefits and benefits strategy. This includes the annual open enrollment start and end dates for each product, the effective dates of each product, as well as the different groups of employees, and their eligible products.

As your annual open enrollment period approaches, we work with your Advisor on finalizing the plan details. Once those details are finalized, you can work with your Advisor on setting up the OE in Maxwell. Read about annual open enrollment in Maxwell.

My employee doesn’t see products available for shopping—what can I do?

If an employee doesn’t have products available to them for shopping, it’s likely because the employee is outside of the product’s "Available to Shop" date range (either entering Maxwell before open enrollment has begun or after it’s ended). You can change an employee's "Available to Shop" dates and "Shopping Status" (to “Open”) for a particular product under "Eligible Products."

I’ve added a new hire, and their products are showing an “Ineligible” status—what can I do?

It sounds like you have a renewal coming up, and the effective date of this new hire (based on your company’s new hire waiting period) is after their products’ end date. Check with your Advisor on how to best correct the products for this employee.

How do I make sure all my employees have completed their open enrollment elections?

Check your Dashboard which displays your employees’ enrollment progress.

How can I see which employees still need to complete their enrollment?

Check your Dashboard which displays your employees’ enrollment progress. Click through the Not Started and In Progress circles on the Dashboard to see the employees who still need to complete their elections. You can also send an email to these employees directly from the Dashboard to remind them to complete their elections. Keep in mind that if you're running a passive enrollment or have auto-selected products, it's OK for employees to show in the "Not Started" or "In Progress" circles.


I’ve processed my new hire's elections and they’re now enrolled in their products. Why are there still products left in an “Open” status?

After you’ve processed a new hire's elections, it’s possible that the new hire will still have products left in an “Open” status under "Eligible Products." That's OK because if an employee did not take action to either enroll in or waive a product, it would remain “Open,” because it’s still an available product for this employee to choose.

For example, let’s say your new hire is eligible for a medical HMO and PPO, and their open enrollment period goes from 3/1/16 to 3/31/16. They decide to enroll in the HMO product, but do not take any action on the PPO product. You process the HMO product election on 3/15/16. The PPO product will remain in an “Open” status until 4/1/16 when the system will automatically change it to a status of “Closed.”

Why is my employee’s product in an “Open” status when it should be “Selected” because it’s pre-selected?

The product may be in a "Selected" status because it's pre-selected, and you haven’t yet entered a salary for this employee. Administrators often have products pre-selected for their employees if the product's 100% employer-paid such as disability or life products. The employee's salary usually determines the cost of these types of products. 

For that reason, the employee’s salary needs to be entered at the time the employee’s added to Maxwell. If one of these pre-selected products has a status of “Open,” it’s likely because you haven’t entered a salary for this employee. Enter the salary for this employee and the product’s status will change to “Selected” as you would expect. Then, the employee will be able to check out of shopping successfully.

When I add a new hire or terminate an employee, how does this information get to the carrier?

Employees and their hiring, elections, changes, and terminations are only automatically sent to the carrier if you have an EDI connection setup between them and Maxwell Health. If you don't have an EDI connection for that particular carrier, you’ll need to communicate these changes to them outside of Maxwell (i.e. downloading and sending electronic enrollment forms or reports out of Maxwell, or using the carrier’s enrollment website). 

What does the “EDI” label on the product mean? What is EDI?

If the “EDI” label appears next to a product on the employee’s Eligible Products or Enrolled Products tabs, it’s because the product has an established Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) connection with the product’s carrier. Maxwell Health will securely and automatically provide employee enrollment information to that carrier. Therefore, you don't need to send enrollment data or notify this carrier of changes using forms, reports, websites, or the phone. Learn more about EDI connections in Maxwell.


My employees are eligible for benefits on the first of the month after 60 days. Should I be adding new hires to Maxwell on their date of hire?

Feel confident entering your new hire into Maxwell on the day of their date of hire, even if they have a long waiting period. Your Advisor establishes the new hire waiting period at implementation, and Maxwell will automatically set the "Available to Shop" and "Effective" dates of your new hire according to that waiting period. If you’d like to modify the enrollment window to be different than what’s set automatically by the system, change the dates under Eligible Products.


What if an employee hasn’t received their newborn’s SSN at the time they’re adding them as a dependent to Maxwell?

If a dependent’s SSN is a required field, you’ll need it to add the newborn's SSN. If the SSN is not available, you or the employee must wait until it’s issued to add the newborn into Maxwell.

What if an employee hasn’t received their newborn’s SSN within 30 days of the "Birth or Adoption of a Child" change event? Will I still be able to enter this missing information?

You may enter the newborn’s SSN into Maxwell even when the employee’s change event open enrollment period has closed or 30 days have passed. As an Administrator, you can edit an employee’s profile at any time and make changes to their demographic information and their dependent’s demographic information. However, this just applies to information kept in Maxwell. If the information you add or change in Maxwell will affect the employee’s benefits, you may want to contact the carrier and let them know of the change. Typically, carriers need this information no later than 30 days from when the event took place.


I terminated an employee by mistake. What do I do?

Don’t worry, it’s possible to fix! One way to do this is by rehiring the employee and returning the products to their previous status. The employee won’t know that they were terminated and rehired. However, reports run by an Administrator or Advisor will show a termination date and a rehire date.

Note: if you have products with an automatic connection (via EDI or integration with the carrier or vendor), there may be an issue unless you take this action immediately.

To fully return the employee back to their original state, and remove the termination from the system, please contact our Support team at or (866) 629-7445. They’ll walk you through this process for your unique situation, and make sure to complete it correctly.

Employee Changes

Can employees make changes to their demographic information?

Yes, an employee can make changes to their demographic information. However, any changes an employee makes will require Administrator approval, unless they are in Open Enrollment.

My employee has changed their information, how can I review those changes?

The individual employee’s page will show that the employee has requested a change. Follow the steps listed here to review and approve the changes.

How do I know when my employees take actions?

Set up notifications so that you can be informed when employees take action in Maxwell, including when an employee: requests your help through Maxwell; makes a change; or confirms their benefits. Read more about notifications in Maxwell, including how to view, edit, and delete them.

I need to change an employee from part-time to full-time. How do I do that? And now that they’re eligible for benefits, how do I make those benefits available for shopping?

To change an employee from part-time to full-time, follow the process of making a change that's not visible to the employee.

When an employee's in a change event (e.g. marriage, the birth of a child) does Maxwell automatically send an email notification to the employee that says benefits must be selected, or do I, as the Administrator, need to?

Maxwell Health does not automatically send an email notice to the employee, however, once you approve the change, you’ll be prompted to send an email to notify the employee.

Emails and notifications

I’ve received a notification from the system in my email inbox, where do I view it in Maxwell?

When an employee, fellow Administrator, or the system takes an action triggering a notification, you’ll receive an email with the subject “Maxwell Health - New HR Administrator Notification from [Employer Name]” and a link that will take you to log into Maxwell. You’ll then see the notifications on your Dashboard. Read more about notifications.

I want to create a custom email template. How do I create a template so that it automatically fills employee fields, like the employee’s first name?

Adding a personal touch to your custom email templates is a great idea! Pull employer/employee-specific information (e.g. employee first name, employer name, open enrollment end date) into your custom email template by using the appropriate naming convention. For example, for employee first name, you would enter “{{user.nameFirst}}". See a list of naming conventions for email templates.

Forms and documents

Can I upload my own forms?

Because our forms are encoded by the Maxwell team so they can pull employee information from Maxwell automatically, we ask that if you have any additional forms to upload beyond those provided at implementation or renewal, you send them to They'll get them uploaded for you.

Can I upload my own documents?

Go for it! Follow these instructions to upload documents.



I use the BambooHR integration. How does a new hire first receive their benefit information when they are synced over into Maxwell?

If your portal has a BambooHR integration, your new hires will automatically sync over from the HRIS system into Maxwell. The Administrator then needs to edit the employee's info using the change reason of "New Hire (HRIS only)" in Maxwell to kick off the benefits selection process. For more information, read how to add a new hire in BambooHR.

Affordable Care Act (ACA)

How can Maxwell help me handle ACA employer mandate requirements?

Access existing employee demographic and benefits information in Maxwell to use to fill out the necessary IRS forms (1094 and 1095) yourself, or securely send to a third party to complete on your behalf. We have partnerships with two top compliance services for which you’ll receive preferred pricing as a Maxwell client. These compliance partners are experts in the field, and will complete and file your forms with the IRS, as well as facilitate sending written statements to employees. Read more about the ACA tool.

Mobile app

Can my employees shop in the mobile app?

The mobile app is meant to encourage engagement with the products an employee already has. Therefore, it only displays currently enrolled products. Employees can shop for products by logging into Maxwell.


I’m currently listed as the help contact in Maxwell. How can I change that?

Change the help contact that displays to your employees by clicking Settings > Administrators and selecting a new Main Contact. The Main Contact can be any Administrator or Advisor who has access to this employer. For more detailed instructions, watch this slideshow on changing the help contact.

My employee is looking for guidance. Any materials I can provide to them?

You bet! Send your employee to our online Employee Help Center, which includes FAQs and tutorials! You can also send them PDF versions of our shopping guide and mobile app guide. If they still need some help, they can contact us directly at or (866) 629-7445.

What’s the difference between a Master Administrator and a Standard Administrator? Do I need both?

Administrators must be designated as either Master or Standard because it affects the level of permissions that an individual has to view and make changes in Maxwell. Read about the specific differences between Master and Standard Administrators. You don’t need to set up both Master and Standard Administrators. Just one or multiple Master Administrators will do just fine!

Does Maxwell support imputed income or differential taxation of spouse versus domestic partner?

Taxation treatment such as imputed income and differential taxation is not supported in Maxwell today due to the extraordinarily complex provisions around taxation of domestic partner benefits. These provisions can vary greatly depending on same versus opposite sex, federal versus state, as well as what the vendor has decided is allowable for the specific plan. As a result, Maxwell Health does not serve as the system of record for taxes. In our experience, the payroll administrator drives taxation treatment, most often via deduction codes, and is best suited to handle this for the employer.
We do surface the following disclaimer when an employee adds a domestic partner to their coverage in the Maxwell shopping experience:


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