Process Elections in Bulk

The Bulk Process tool lets you process multiple employee elections outside of your Open Enrollment period. When you process with this tool, eligible products will be changed to enrolled or waived products, depending on the employee's intent. 

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How to process elections in bulk 

  1. Click Tools > Bulk Process.
  2. Select to process products for All Groups or Specific Group(s).
  3. Enter the Shopping End Date (or range) to identify which products to process.
    • Only products with the same shopping end date entered here will be processed.
    • If you're unsure of the exact end date set on your employee's products, run the Enrollment Status Report for a listing of the End Dates. You can also change the Shopping End Dates for a specific employee by going to their "Eligible Products" tab.
    • If the employee is still in their shopping period, you'll need to wait for that to end before you can bulk process.
  4. Select to process products by product name, type, or vendor.
    • Note: Evidence of insurability (EOI) products will appear in the Specific Product(s) drop-down, however, they will be grayed out and unselectable (see below). Products that require an EOI application will need to be processed on a per employee basis after the application is approved or denied. For more information, read how to process additional volume for a product pending EOI.


  5. Select to process enrollments in a "Confirmed" and/or "Selected" shopping status.
    • Most of the time, you'll only want to include "Confirmed" products here (which means the employee has checked out and submitted their enrollment in this product). You'll only want to include "Selected" products (which means in the employee's cart) if you're processing pre-selected employer-paid products that the employee was not required to check out with to be enrolled. For more information, read an overview of product statuses.

  6. Click Process. The statuses of the eligible products you processed will now change to "Closed," and the newly processed enrolled or waived products will appear in the "Enrolled Products" tab of their employee profile screen as either "Current" or "Future" products depending on their effective dates.


View the details of the enrollments that have been processed

After you click Process, the details of that processed enrollment will appear in the Bulk Process Log. With the Log, you can track the progress of elections that are processing and view what has been processed thus far.


  • View the status and date that you processed the enrollment, as well as who the enrollment was processed by, and the details of the enrollment as you selected in the Bulk Process tool.
  • Click +  to see more information about the enrollment.


The Bulk Process Log will display the status of your enrollment after you click Process in the Bulk Process tool. There are three statuses in the Bulk Process Log:

  • Complete. This means the enrollments were successfully processed


  • Processing. This means that your enrollment is processing, and will appear in green with a percentage of completeness, and a progress bar. 


  • Failed. This means that your enrollment has failed to process. In this case, click Process right within the log and it will try again.  If the enrollment continues to fail, please contact Maxwell Customer Support at or (866) 629-7445. 

Note: Standard Administrators will only see the enrollments that they have processed. Master Administrators will see all processed enrollments, whether processed by them or another one of their employer’s Master or Standard Administrators.
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