How do Rewards Work?

Note: Rewards functionality is no longer available for new clients to set up in Maxwell as of June 1, 2022. 
Clients who are currently using Rewards can continue to have employees redeem rewards through the end of 2022, but we strongly encourage you to migrate to a different rewards provider sooner to ensure there is less disruption for your employees as we sunset this feature.


For employers who have previously set up Rewards in Maxwell, Employees can connect a Fitbit fitness device or their Google Fit or Apple Health apps to their Maxwell mobile app to track steps and earn points and coins to redeem for rewards. The Rewards feature lets you fund a rewards store for your employees to redeem those earned coins for specified gift cards. Read more about how coins are calculated.

We have partnered with Tango Card to set up and manage this rewards program. Tango Card automates the entire process of offering, redeeming, and delivering rewards from dozens of top retailers and even not-for-profit organizations. There are no fees associated with using Tango Card besides the cost of the rewards themselves.

How rewards work

  1. Set up an account with Tango Card in Maxwell Health, add a credit card, and fund your rewards store account.
    • Please note:
      • There is a 3.5% Tango processing fee associated with adding funds via a credit card, or you can send Tango Card an ACH, wire, or physical check. For more specifics, check out our Tango Card's funding articles.
      • Once you have added your credit card(s), it should be approved immediately. However, at times it may pend approval by Tango. If this occurs you will see a message letting you know that it may take up to the end of the following business day for the transaction to be reviewed and processed. Your credit card will not be charged until the transaction has been processed. Credit card information is stored with Tango Card, not within Maxwell’s database, and funds are charged to your card immediately upon adding funds to your Tango account. You may use multiple cards to fund the same Tango account.
  2. Once a credit card and funds have been added, select specific gift cards to be available to employees to redeem for coins via their mobile app. Gift cards are all worth $10.00, and cost the employees two coins each. Read how to add and remove gift cards



  3. When employees redeem a reward through the Maxwell mobile app, they will receive an automated email with an e-code for their selected reward vendor (no physical cards are sent out), and the $10.00 value of the card will be subtracted from your Tango account.
  4. View a log of all rewards your employees have redeemed, and all deposits that have been made in the Log page under Settings > Rewards.
  5. Set up notifications so that a designated individual is notified each time a reward is redeemed, as well as whenever the Tango Card account balance drops below $50.00. Read instructions on how to set up reward notifications

Tango Card support

Have a question about redeeming e-codes? Contact Tango Card Enterprise Support:

  • Email:
  • Phone: 877-558-2646
  • Hours: Monday to Friday 7:30am to 5pm PST
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