About EDI Connections

Having an established Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) connection between Maxwell Health and a carrier or vendor means that Maxwell will securely and automatically provide employee enrollment information to that carrier or vendor. Therefore, you no longer need to manually send enrollment data or notify carriers of changes using forms, reports, websites, or the phone. 

If you have additional questions on setup, you may want to check out these articles for more details:

maxwell-illustrative_icon-mag_glass-transparent__1_.png If you don’t currently have an EDI connection but are interested in setting one up, contact our Support Team for more information.


Viewing EDI Connections in Maxwell

If you have a live EDI feed for benefits connected in your Maxwell portal or have an EDI feed request pending, you’ll see a dashboard view of your live or requested EDI feeds in the portal highlighting:

  • Your benefit carrier(s) for the EDI feed
  • Types of benefits that are included on the EDI file (i.e. medical, dental, vision, etc)
  • Standard schedule of when information is sent on the EDI feed (example Weekly on Fridays)
  • Last sync date when information was sent from Maxwell (for live feeds only)


>> See more detail on what each EDI connection status includes here.


Quick Tips: If you have requested an EDI feed or have a live EDI connection for any benefits, please make sure to:


Keep Maxwell up to date and accurate

It’s especially important to keep the information stored in Maxwell up to date and accurate when you have an EDI connection in place, as Maxwell serves as the system of record and provides information directly and automatically to the carrier or vendor. The good news is, you shouldn’t need to fill out any reports, forms, or information on the carrier’s website. 

This is really important to keep in mind when you terminate an employee. Enter the termination into Maxwell as soon as possible, and be sure to terminate all of the employee’s products with the correct termination date. Not doing so will result in that employee staying active with the carrier. Learn how to terminate employees and their products in Maxwell. 

Avoid using test employees, and remove any test employees before you go live in Maxwell

An EDI file does not differentiate real employee data from test employee data. If you create a test employee in Maxwell and forget to remove them, false information will be sent to carriers, and you could potentially be billed for coverage the carrier has on file for any test employees sent to them. Learn how to delete a test employee. 

Approve events in a timely manner

Enrollments are sent over on an EDI file weekly (the exact timing varies depending on the carrier). In order for the file to pick up these enrollments, the event must first be approved by the benefits administrator. You should make sure to review and approve new hires and life events soon after you get the notification that the employee has submitted their enrollment. You should also end your company's open enrollment soon after the shopping window passes. 

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