About the ADP Workforce Now Compatible Payroll Report

Note: Only Master Administrators have access to the ADP Workforce Now Compatible Payroll Report. If you're looking for information on the ADP Workforce Now API Integration, follow this link!


ADP Workforce Now is a payroll solution that allows you to manage your business more strategically and effectively with flexible and secure software.

Maxwell Health has an ADP Workforce Now compatible payroll report that will provide an import file employers can use to load their benefit deduction information into their ADP Workforce Now payroll system. A pre-formatted ADP Workforce Now deduction report can be downloaded from Maxwell Health at any time. It can then be uploaded to ADP Workforce Now as needed.

If you're an HR Administrator interested in the ADP Workforce Now Compatible Payroll Report, please include the request for the integration at implementation, or use this form to request it off-cycle. The compatible payroll report will be set up by the Maxwell team, with information provided from you.

How the ADP deduction report works 

If you’re an ADP Workforce Now client, this report can capture any benefit you choose—you'll just need to make sure each product’s deduction code exists in both your Maxwell Health and ADP Workforce Now portals. 

The ADP Workforce Now compatible payroll report allows you to manually generate and download a deduction report from the Maxwell Health portal so that you can upload it into your ADP Workforce Now payroll system.

What the ADP deduction report includes

  • Your ADP Workforce Now Company Code
  • Each employee’s File Number
  • The effective date of the deduction change
  • The deduction code for each product you’ve set up in both your ADP Workforce Now and Maxwell Health portals 

NOTE: The report only sends deduction information for newly effective or updated enrollments within a date range. If your employees have any pending elections, deductions and costs will not be included in this file until those elections have been approved. 31 calendar days prior to or 10 calendar days after the sync date.

View a slideshow of how you'll use the report 

To download the deduction report, go to Settings > EDI and Integrations > Current IntegrationsADP 180° File Sync > Log. View a slideshow of how you will access the report below.


Want to upgrade to the 360° bi-directional API integration?

Maxwell’s 360° bi-directional API integration with ADP Workforce Now automatically syncs your employee’s demographic information bi-directionally between Maxwell and ADP and automatically sends benefit deductions over to ADP in real-time as they are updated in Maxwell Health. You can learn more here.


For technical questions about the ADP Workforce Now compatible payroll report,  please contact Maxwell Customer Support at support@maxwellhealth.com or (866) 629-7445.

For any questions or errors with the ADP Workforce Now product, please contact your ADP representative.

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