Send Communications

The Send Communications tool lets you communicate with your employees by sending email messages from the Maxwell Health platform. 


In this article, you’ll learn how to:

Before you start

To ensure emails sent from Maxwell properly reach your employees, please take the following steps: 

  1. Ask your IT department or Network Administrator to whitelist Maxwell. A whitelist is a list of email addresses or domain names from which an email blocking program will allow messages to be received. The following information will need to be whitelisted:
    • domain
    • * servers
    • Maxwell's Dedicated IP address for email
  2. Make sure you're in Live mode—emails won’t send from Sandbox mode. Go to Settings > Preferences to confirm.

Compose an email to member(s)

Follow these steps to compose an email to a member or members of your team. You can also  view a slideshow or video of these steps.

  1. Go to Send Communications.
  2. Select the Recipient(s). Choose a specific group of members, specific individual members, or multiple members. The Compose Mail tool works similarly to a typical email client, except in this case, those recipients are based on users in the Maxwell Health system. Please note that:
    • Standard Administrators will only be able to select the group of members they have access to, but they will be able to individually select any member as a recipient.
    • You can also add a cc’ or a bcc’ to this email. Read instructions on how to add a cc’ or a bcc’.
  3. Enter a Reply To email address. The recipient(s) see this address as the sender of the email. If a member replies to this email, the reply will be sent to the email address indicated in this field. Please only enter one email address in this field.
  4. Select a template from the drop-down, or compose an email in this window. The templates listed include Maxwell system templates (used to create custom templates), templates your Advisor has created (if any), as well as any templates you’ve created yourself (listed under “Your Templates.”) For more information, read about system email templates in Maxwell Health.
  5. Edit the subject and body of the email before sending.
    • Please note that the brackets (e.g. “{{user.nameFirst}}”) are placeholders that will automatically pull in personalized member and/or employer-level information from the system. Leave these in place so that the information pulls through correctly. Please also leave any bolded words in place as they are URLs which link out to the Maxwell application.
  6. Click Upload Files to upload an attachment.
  7. Click Preview to see what that email will look like when you send. Click Discard if you no longer want to send it.
  8. Click Send when ready. Try not to close this window while emails are sending (this may take a few minutes if sending an email to many members at once). You’ll then be taken to the Email Log (read more below).

Create a custom email template

Follow these steps to create your own custom email template.

  1. Go to Communications > Templates, and click Create Template.


  2. In the pop-up, name the custom template, and indicate which template (if any) it should be based on. Then click Create.


  3. Create your template and click Save. It will appear in the Templates drop-down under “Your Templates.”

View a record of sent emails

Click View Log to view a record of all email communications, with a row displayed for each recipient.


Find the following information in the Email Log: 

  • Recipient’s email address
  • Subject of the email
  • Body text of the email (click to read the entire body of text)
  • Attachment (click the paperclip icon to download and view the attachment)
  • Date you clicked Send
  • Status of the email

There are several statuses that could populate the Email Log:

  • Send: The message was sent to the recipient successfully.
  • Open: The recipient has opened the message.
  • Click: The recipient clicked a link in the message.
  • Hard Bounce: The message has been returned to the sender because the recipient's address is invalid. This might occur because the domain name doesn't exist, or because the recipient is unknown. Check the recipient’s email address to make sure it’s correct, and resend the message.
  • Marked as Spam: The recipient has marked this message as spam. Please reach out to the recipient and ask them to undo this action, then resend the message.
  • Soft Bounce: The message temporarily failed to deliver. It got as far as the receiving mail server, meaning the email address was recognized, but the message bounced back undelivered instead of reaching the recipient's inbox. You may need to have emails from Maxwell Health whitelisted*.
  • Reject: The message was rejected by the server of the recipient either because a message like this has been bounced in the past, or the recipient has registered a spam complaint. You may need to have emails from Maxwell Health whitelisted*.
  • No status: We have not yet received a status update on the message from our email partner. If this continues to show for several hours and you’re not sure whether the email was sent, please contact Maxwell Customer Support at or (866) 629-7445 and they can look into it.

*If that doesn’t help, contact your Account Manager or Maxwell Health Customer Support at or (866) 629-7445.


  • Maxwell uses an email partner for the log, therefore these statuses are not 100% reliable. They may, however, help you understand what happened in the event of an error.
  • The time displayed in the Email Log is set according to the Universal Time Clock (UTC). UTC is five hours ahead of EST. This means that if you clicked Send at 9 AM EST, the log will display “1. Send: 12/21/2015 @ 2:00:00 pm.” If you need to convert times displayed in the Email Log to your timezone, search online for a free UTC converter.

Send emails through different actions in Maxwell

There are times when you'll want to compose and send an email to members and fellow Administrators through different actions in the Maxwell system.

  • Send a welcome email to a new hire immediately when you add them to Maxwell. 
    • If adding one individual employee, do this by clicking Quick Add from the Dashboard, and selecting a template from the Welcome Email drop-down. Click Preview & Edit to make any changes before clicking Create Employee, which will send the message.SendCommunications5.png
    • If adding new hires to Maxwell in bulk, send a group of new hires an email at once after you add them via the Bulk Add Employees tool by clicking Send Welcome Email. You’ll be taken to the Send Communications tool to compose the message. The email addresses of the new hires you added will be automatically populated in the Recipients field.
  • Compose an email directly to members from your Dashboard
    • This is helpful, for example, if you want to send all those in the “Not Started” circle a reminder to shop for benefits before the end of annual open enrollment. Just click Compose Email and you’ll be taken to the Send Communications tool. The email addresses of the members in the given circle will automatically be populated in the Recipients field.
  • Send an email inviting a new Administrator to Maxwell. 
    • Click Settings Administrators > Credentials in the row of the Administrator you’d like to email. Check the relevant email in the pop-up, and click Send. The two emails include:
      • Templated welcome email (Subject: “Welcome to Maxwell Health, you have been added as an Administrator”)
      • Reset password email (Subject: “Maxwell Health- Reset Password Request”)


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