Types of Administrators

Within the Maxwell Health system, administrators must be designated as either a Master Administrator, or a Standard Administrator. The differences between the two types of administrators is outlined below.
Master Administrators:
  • Have a higher permission level
  • Have access to:
    • View all Eligibility Groups of employees (meaning divisions, classes, locations, etc)
    • Benefits > Open Enrollment > Set up Open Enrollment
      • Also can view the OE widget shown on the main Dashboard during OE
    • Tools > ACA
    • Settings > User Access where they can add/manage other administrators and their permissions
    • Settings > Notifications where they can set up notifications
    • Settings > Preferences where they can view/edit general employer settings
    • Settings > Life Events where they can customize which benefits should be available for employees to review and update for each life event
    • Settings > EDI and Integrations where they can see the status of EDI connections and manage any integrations that have been set up
    • Settings > Custom Fields where they can view the employer's custom fields


Standard Administrators:
  • Are not required
  • Do not have access to:
    • Benefits > Open Enrollment > Set up Open Enrollment
      • Also do not have access to the OE widget shown on the main Dashboard during OE
    • Tools > ACA
    • Settings > User Access
    • Settings > Notifications
    • Settings > Preferences
    • Settings > Life Events
    • Settings > EDI and Integrations 
    • Settings > Custom Fields
  • Cannot view or edit any information that has been restricted by the Master Administrator
    • Please note that if salary information is restricted from a Standard Administrator, and they run a report with a salary field, that field will say “RESTRICTED.”
  • Only have access to the Eligibility Groups of employees the Master Administrator has granted them access to
    • Example: There are two groups of employees, New York and San Francisco. You could have a Standard Administrator in New York who only has access to New York employees, a Standard Administrator in San Francisco who only has access to San Francisco employees, but the Master Administrator has access to both New York, and San Francisco employees.
    • Please note that if a Standard Administrator’s access changes from one group to another, they will no longer be able to see information about the old group of employees. However, they will see completed versions of reports they ran in the past on the old group of employees for which they used to have access.
  • To add an Administrator, follow these steps.
  • An Administrator cannot change the type (Master or Standard) of an existing Administrator. You'll need to reach out to your Advisor to do this. Or you can delete an existing Administrator and add a new one.
  • If an Administrator’s status is changed from Master to Standard, they won’t be able to view the reports they generated in the past as a Master Administrator.
  • If an Administrator’s status is changed from Standard to Master, they’ll be able to see all reports previously generated by either a Master Administrator or Standard Administrator.
  • There needs to be at least one Master Administrator, but there can also be multiple.
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