BambooHR API Integration - Terminate an Employee

If you have terminated an employee in your BambooHR portal, you’ll need to mark any COBRA Eligible benefits in Maxwell after the system sets the termination dates on the employee's benefits.

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For more general information, read an overview of the BambooHR integration

Terminate an employee

Take the following steps (or view a slideshow of the steps) to terminate an employee and their benefits coverage and render them inactive in your BambooHR and Maxwell systems:

  1. Terminate the employee from your BambooHR portal 
  2. The employee termination will sync to Maxwell Health*
    • You’ll receive a notification from Maxwell that an employee has been terminated in BambooHR with the Termination Date from BambooHR included in the body of the notification.
    • The integration with Maxwell will set the end date to terminate any products the employee is currently enrolled in.
      • Please note that if you don’t receive a notification, you should check your notification settings.
    • The employee's status will change from "Active" to "Inactive" on the Date of Termination, and they'll no longer have access to the platform.
  3. Mark any COBRA Eligible benefits (if applicable)
    • Finalize the COBRA workflow in Maxwell by selecting the link from your notification or going to the employee’s profile and selecting Options >Manage COBRA Event.
    • Select the COBRA Eligible toggle on any applicable products.  

*Please note that if the termination date listed in BambooHR is in the future, the termination will not sync over to Maxwell until that day

View a slideshow of the steps 

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