New and Improved Forms Functionality

We take your feedback very seriously here at Maxwell. The insights we’ve gathered have led us to completely revamp our forms functionality and take it to the next level. With this release, you’ll see that we’ve streamlined the whole forms process. Now, forms will be easier and more efficient for you and your employees!
We’re transitioning employers over to this new functionality on an employer-by-employer basis. You’ll receive an email from Maxwell Health before you’re transitioned.
Check out this video with the highlights (written details below):

Quick insight into the status of all forms 
We’ve simplified the tabs in the Administrator navigation and created one place for all things forms! With this view, you have greater insight into the status of all forms with just the right level of detail. Now you can quickly see how many forms are waiting for employee signature, how many need Administrator signature, and how many have been completed. By clicking into a particular form status, you can easily see employee forms in that status and corresponding dates.



Send, approve, and download forms—fast!
  • Need to kick off multiple forms to multiple employees? That’s easy! Just click Send Forms and enter the forms and the employees you need to send them to.
  • We know that, especially at the end of an annual open enrollment, you might have hundreds of signed forms that you need to turn over to carriers fast. Now you can approve multiple forms all at once with the click of a button.
  • Once forms have been completed, you can download them in bulk! This compiles the forms into a single zip file, great for sending to carriers after open enrollment ends.
Setting up forms to be sent automatically is now easier than ever
We’ve improved our auto-sending functionality to be as user-friendly as possible. We’ve done the work upfront to map the form to the correct products, so all you have to do is keep the setting turned on! Admins no longer have to decide what product actions (enroll, waive, etc.) should result in a form being sent automatically—we’ve already done this for you! Read more about auto-sending here >

Extremely intuitive e-signature workflow powered by DocuSign
We’ve leveraged technology by DocuSign, an industry leader in forms and electronic signature with over 100 million users. Now, the employee and Admin signature workflow is more guided and easy-to-follow.
We’ve also increased the number of fields that can be auto-populated on a form. Two examples are covered dependents and the reason for sending the form (for example: new hire, adding a spouse, etc.). Enhancements to the auto-population logic ensure forms are completed as accurately as possible.
Improved employee confirmation screen
Once an employee submits their enrollment in Maxwell, they’ll see a newly designed review page letting them know it’s all set. If they have forms to sign based on the products they enrolled in, waived, or changed, that step will now be more clear. Learn more about the new employee workflow here>

NewandI4.png NewandI5.png

If the employee has forms to sign based on the products they chose, they'll see a prompt to sign forms (image on the left). If the employee doesn't have any forms to sign based on the products they chose, they'll be told that they're all done (image on the right). 

A few other improvements
  • Employees who go through an annual open enrollment and don’t make any changes to their previous year’s election will no longer be automatically sent a form
  • Enrollment/waiver forms no longer need to be split up into two separate forms. Employees will simply be asked to sign the relevant signature field based on whether they enrolled or waived
  • Standard Administrators without salary permissions will see a lock symbol on any form that contains a salary field
Note on "Archived Forms"

Existing employers will see an “Archived Forms” tab. Here, they can download any forms that were previously finalized on the old forms system.

Important changes
A few features that are available on the current forms system won’t be available for employers who are implemented with or transitioned to the new forms system. See below:


  • These features are being considered for the future:
    • Notify Admins when there are forms that need their attention: You will no longer see a dashboard notification or receive an email when an employee signs a form if they had the “Form Was Signed” system notification set up under Settings > Notifications. (This notification has been removed in the new forms system). You should view the newly designed forms dashboard, where they’ll clearly see if any forms have been completed by employees and are pending their approval/signature.
    • Organizing employer forms: On the current forms system, you can organize the employer’s list of forms by current, past, and future. This will no longer be the case, but we understand the need for this organization as you spend more time on the new forms system.
  • These features are being retired:
    • Ability to customize the fields that are required on the form. These requirements will be set on the form level based on the form’s instructions specified by the carrier or vendor.
    • Ability to see if an employee has viewed a form - the "View Log" section in Forms tab.
    • Ability for an Admin to edit a form before sending to the employee. An Admin can edit a form after it's been completed by the employee.

We’re excited for you and your clients to start using this new, streamlined workflow and e-signature interface. Our main goal with this release is to simplify your day-to-day benefits administration. It’s the first (BIG) step towards building a delightful form managing and signing experience for you, your Admins, and employees, and you can be assured we won’t stop here!

Please reach out to Customer Support at if you have any questions. We’re here to help!
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