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Teladoc delivers on-demand healthcare anytime and anywhere via mobile devices, the internet, video, and phone. It connects employees with a national network of board-certified physicians that treats a wide range of conditions.

Maxwell Health’s integration with Teladoc automatically generates and sends a preformatted file to Teladoc on a daily basis that includes information (detailed below) on employees who have engaged with the Teladoc product.

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About the Teladoc service

Employees will enroll in Teladoc the same way they enroll in any product on Maxwell Health. Once an employee enrolls, Teladoc will email the employee a personalized welcome kit (see an example below) about three weeks after an enrolled employee’s effective date. If an employee hasn’t yet set up their account with Teladoc, they’ll be told to do so through this email. 

If an employee wants to get started with Teladoc right away (and not wait for the welcome kit), that's totally fine. They can set up an account by visiting the Teladoc website. If they have any trouble, you can send your enrolled employees these instructions to register with Teladoc.

How the integration works
Once the integration is set up and turned on, a file with your employer information will be sent over to Teladoc by the Maxwell Health team. From that point on, the following information will be sent from Maxwell Health to Teladoc on a daily basis (Monday - Friday at 1:30am ET):

  • List of employees currently enrolled in Teladoc. This lets Teladoc know the employee is still eligible for the subscription service and keeps their account active.
  • List of employees who have checked out with the Teladoc product in Maxwell Health.

Employees with the Teladoc product who have been terminated (voluntarily or involuntarily) will be removed from the file. This lets Teladoc know these employees are no longer eligible for the product through Maxwell Health.

All dependents must be added during the employee's registration process on Teladoc.com directly; they are not added through the integration. There isn't a dependent cut-off age.  Each year Teladoc requires employees to update their medical records and dependents. Enrolling dependents in Teladoc is easy by following these directions.

In the Integrations Log, view a status of your syncs, a record of every sync that has occurred, and download the files of finished syncs. Just go to Settings > Integrations > Teladoc Employee Enrollment under Current Integrations tab > Details > Log. 



There is only one Teladoc product that we offer through our integration today, but there are three ways it can be offered. Three plan options that include General Medical, Dermatology, and Behavioral Health—convenient 24/7/365 on-demand quality healthcare from U.S. board-certified doctors by phone or video are available. All consultation fees will be billed directly by Teladoc to the employee.

Option 1:

  • Employer-paid: $4.05 PEPM 
  • No cost for General Medical consultations
  • $85 per consultation for Dermatology

Option 2:

  • Employer-Paid: $2.35 PEPM 
  • $55 per consultation for General Medical
  • $85 per consultation for Dermatology 

Enhanced Option 3:

  • Employer-Paid: $4.50 PEPM 
  • No cost for General Medical consultations
  • $85 per consultation for Dermatology 
  • $90 per consultation for Psychologists, Clinical Social Workers, and other non-MDs 
  • $220 evaluation and $100 per consultation for Psychiatrist

Get started

If you offer Teladoc to your employees through Maxwell, this integration will be added and turned on by the Maxwell team.

If you're an HR Administrator, please talk to your Advisor if you’re interested in using the Teladoc integration. If you're an Advisor, please include the request for this lifestyle product at implementation, or use this form to request it off-cycle. 

Resources for your employees


For technical questions about the Maxwell Health + Teladoc integration, please contact Maxwell Customer Support at support@maxwellhealth.com or (866) 629-7445.

For more general questions, please contact your Advisor and/or the Maxwell Marketplace Team at marketplace@maxwellhealth.com. For questions regarding the Teladoc product, please contact your Advisor or Teladoc representative by calling 1-800-Teladoc (835-2362).





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