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ID Watchdog provides world-class identity theft protection and resolution services to the benefit marketplace. Their proprietary technology searches billions of data points to detect changes in the personal identity profiles of each of our employees. Features include comprehensive monitoring, rapid alert notifications, and concierge-level identity resolution. For more information, read an employee-facing PDF on the benefits of ID Watchdog.

Maxwell Health’s integration with ID Watchdog automatically generates and sends a pre-formatted file to ID Watchdog on a weekly basis that includes information (detailed below) on employees who have engaged with the ID Watchdog product.

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About the ID Watchdog service

Employees can enroll in ID Watchdog at any time, and are not limited to an annual enrollment period. After an employee enrolls through Maxwell, ID Watchdog will email the new employee with login instructions to activate their account.

If an employee who is enrolled in ID Watchdog is terminated or otherwise leaves the company, you will need to terminate the product in Maxwell Health. This does not necessarily mean that they are no longer a subscriber of ID Watchdog. ID Watchdog will reach out to the employee and ask if they would like to continue their coverage.

If an employee wants to end their subscription with ID Watchdog voluntarily, they should communicate this to you, and you will terminate the product in Maxwell Health. ID Watchdog will reach out to the employee letting them know that their subscription has ended.

How the integration works

Once the integration is set up and turned on, a file containing the following information will be sent from Maxwell Health to ID Watchdog on a weekly basis (every Friday at 3am ET):

  • List of all employees currently enrolled in ID Watchdog. This lets ID Watchdog know the employee is still eligible for the subscription service and keeps their account active.
  • List of employees who have checked out with the ID Watchdog product in Maxwell Health.

In the Integrations Log, view a status of your syncs, a record of every sync that has occurred, and download the files of finished syncs. The Log can be found under Settings > Integrations > ID Watchdog under Current Integrations tab > Details > Log.



Offered as an employer-paid or fully voluntary solution. There are two plan options available for employee-only or employee plus family.

  • Basic Option (single bureau) is $8.95/month for individual coverage and $15.95/month for family coverage
  • Platinum Option (three bureau) is $12.95/month for individual coverage and $22.95/month for family coverage.

Compare the Basic and Platinum products with this detailed PDF.

Get started

If you offer ID Watchdog to your employees through the Maxwell, this integration will be added and turned on by the Maxwell team. 

If you're an HR Administrator, please talk to your Advisor if you’re interested in using the ID Watchdog integration. If you're an Advisor, please include the request for this lifestyle product at implementation, or use this form to request it off-cycle.

Resources for your employees


For technical questions about the Maxwell Health + ID Watchdog integration, please contact Maxwell Customer Support at support@maxwellhealth.com or (866) 629-7445.

For more general questions about the Maxwell Health + ID Watchdog integration, please contact your Advisor and/or the Maxwell Health Marketplace Team at marketplace@maxwellhealth.com. For questions regarding the ID Watchdog product, please contact your Advisor, or your ID Watchdog representative by calling 1.866.513.1518.





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