What are Eligibility Groups in Maxwell?

The eligibility group an employee is in can determine what benefits are offered to them, and when, including the employee’s

  • Eligible products and their rates and contributions

  • New hire enrollment window and waiting period

  • Payroll period

Before you started using Maxwell, the Maxwell Team worked with your Advisor to set up these groups. You can find them under People > Eligibility Groups.


You may have different eligibility groups set up in Maxwell. Eligibility groups were customized by your Advisor and the Maxwell Team for your needs specifically. And don’t worry, the name of eligibility groups are not visible to employees, only to Administrators and Advisors.

How eligibility groups are used

You will always have at least one eligibility group in Maxwell

  • For example, you may just have one eligibility group called "All Employees".

If you have differences between subsets of your employees, such as different eligibility for products, you may have more than one eligibility group.

  • For example, you may offer your in-state employees different medical plans than your out-of-state employees.  
NOTE: Standard Administrators can only view the eligibility groups that a Master Administrator has granted them access to. Reach out to your Advisor if you need access to an eligibility group. For more information, read about Administrator permissions.

Moving an employee to a different eligibility group

There may be occasions where you need to move an employee to a different eligibility group.

  • For example, you may have an employee who is in the “Out of State” group, but they’ve moved in-state to work at your company’s headquarters, so they need to be moved to the “In State” group.

You'll want to make sure the employee’s eligibility group is updated because that change will update the set of products and rates they’re eligible for. Updating the eligibility group ensures the right information shows when that employee has the ability to shop.  Follow these instructions if you need to move an employee to a different eligibility group.

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