About the Employee Progress Dashboard

In this article, we’ll review how you can use the employee progress dashboard to:

View employee progress and send reminder emails to employees

To get started, access the dashboard from the navigation in your Administrator portal:Screen_Shot_2020-01-27_at_3.20.44_PM.png


If you're in Open Enrollment, you'll be able to toggle between the Open Enrollment and New Hire / Change Events dashboards:OE.gif


You’ll see three circles that show employee progress:

  • Employees Not Started: These employees haven’t logged in since the event began
  • Employees in Progress: These employees have logged in, but they haven’t finished reviewing their profile and/or benefits
  • Employees Completed: These employees finished reviewing their profile and/or benefits

You'll also see a dashboard indicator when there are actions you need to take as an Administrator. Indicators will appear if:

  • Employees are in the Employees Completed status pending your review and/or approval of their life event
  • Employees have signed forms which now appear in the Forms that Need Approval status.

These indicators will disappear once the employee event or electronic form has been reviewed and approved by an Administrator.

Screen_Shot_2020-01-28_at_5.27.11_PM.pngPlease note: the Employees indicator will not display during an annual Open Enrollment. 

 View a list of employees in each progress status

You can click on each circle to view and sort a list of the first 10 employees in each progress status, as well as relevant information like their last login date (for Employees in Progress) and last checkout date (for Employees Completed). You can see all employees across all statuses by clicking on "View All".



Send employees a targeted reminder email   

From this list, you can also select employees to receive a targeted reminder email. A prepared sample template will be loaded and ready to go for “Employees Not Started” and “Employees in Progress,” but you can always select a different template if needed.
If you need to edit the template, click Edit Templates which will take you to Tools > Send Communications where you can edit an existing template or create a new one to select from the drop-down.

Note: The Maxwell system automatically sends a confirmation email to employees once they check out of shopping. See a preview of this email here.

Automatic Reminder Emails

For the New Hire/Change Events and Open Enrollment dashboard, you have the option to turn off “Automatic Reminder Emails”.Automatic Reminder Emails” means that emails will automatically send to any employees who are in a shopping event and haven’t checked out of shopping 2 business days before the shopping end date The reminder email is a standard Maxwell template and cannot be edited or customized. Here’s a preview, so you know what to expect:

From: noreply@maxwellhealth.com
Subject:Don't forget! Your open enrollment ends in 2 days

From: noreply@maxwellhealth.com
Subject: Don't forget! Your benefits shopping period ends in 2 days
Things to consider when reading the employee progress dashboard
  • For both employee progress dashboards, employees will be removed from the "Completed" circle of the dashboard once you end the event.
  • Both employee progress dashboards do not include inactive employees. For example, if an employee is terminated during Open Enrollment, they’ll be removed from the dashboard.
  • The dashboard will show employees progressing through the experience, even if you as the Administrator have taken action on their behalf. If you’d like to know whether the employee has uniquely logged in, you can reference their “Last Login Date” on their profile or clicking through the “Employees in Progress” circle. If there is no date listed there, then you know the employee themselves did not log in.
  • The “New Hire/Change Events” dashboard does not include:
    • Employees who are in a Correction/Administrative Change or Termination event. To see a full list of employees in these change events as well, download the Employee Change Event Report under Tools > Reports > Library.
    • If you're a Standard Administrator, the enrollment progress dashboard will only show employees from eligibility groups that you have permission to view

View forms progress and send reminder emails to employees 

On the employee progress dashboard for both Open Enrollment and New Hires/Change Events, you’ll also be able to see what forms need to be completed (by the HR administrator or the employee).


Whether forms were sent to employees due to annual OE or a new hire/change event, you’ll see three circles that show forms progress:
  • Forms with Employees: These forms have been sent to employees and are waiting for their signature
  • Forms that Need Approval: The HR administrator needs to take action to either approve or sign these forms
  • Completed Forms: These forms have been signed or approved by all parties

For Open Enrollment, the number of forms includes only forms that have been set up to send to employees automatically as part of this OE. Any forms that were sent to the employee manually during OE will not be included here. To see all the forms that are pending, including those manually sent, head to Tools > Forms > Manage Forms.

For New Hire/Change Events, the number of forms includes all enrollment and onboarding forms that were sent to employees (either automatically or manually) outside of Open Enrollment. Once a form has been completed, it will show in the “Completed Forms” circle for 60 days.

View a list of forms

By clicking into the circle, you can view and sort a list of forms in each stage and see relevant details such as the date sent (for “Forms with Employees”), date signed by employee (for “Forms that Need Approval”), and date approved by administrator (for “Completed Forms”).

From here, you can also quickly view the individual form on the employee profile, preview the employer form, or approve/sign/or download the form (for "Forms that Need Approval" and "Completed Forms").


Send employees a targeted reminder email

From this list, you can also select employees to receive a targeted reminder email to complete the form.  A prepared sample template will be loaded and ready to go for “Forms with Employees” but you can always select a different template if needed. If you select multiple forms for one employee, that employee will only receive one email reminder.


Note:  For onboarding forms with “Auto-Sending” turned on, the Maxwell system automatically sends reminder emails to new hires and rehires after they finish entering their personal information. See a preview of this email here.

 Thanks for reading! As always, we’d love to hear your feedback!

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