About Documents

The Documents tool lets you upload documents for your employees to access, view, and download. This article lists general guidelines for documents. For more specific information, read how to upload and/or edit a document.

General guidelines:

  • Documents must be PDF format.
  • Documents are available to all employees.
  • The tool does not track whether an employee has viewed and/or downloaded documents. If a document requires a field to be filled out and/or a signature, it should be treated as a form in Maxwell, and will need to be coded and uploaded by the Maxwell Health team.
  • Dictate whether a specific document is available to employees while they're shopping for products and post-enrollment, or only available to them post-enrollment. In both cases, there will be an additional Documents tab in the sidebar of your employees' view.
    • If documents are visible during open enrollment, employees will see them at the end of the shopping experience:


    • If documents are visible post-enrollment, employees will click Documents under My Profile to view:

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