About Notifications

Notifications allow the appropriate parties to be automatically notified when certain events happen in Maxwell Health.

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Note: Managing notifications requires you to be a Master Administrator in Maxwell Health. Standard Administrators do not have access to set up, edit, or delete notifications, however, they are able to receive and view notifications.

Set up notifications  

Follow these steps to set up notifications.

Edit and delete existing notifications

Once a notification is set up, it will be listed in Notifications. Click Edit to make changes to the notification or Delete to remove the notification.


View notifications as an Administrator

  1. When a notification is triggered, you’ll receive an email with the subject “Maxwell Health - New HR Administrator Notification from [Employer Name]” and a link that will take you to log into Maxwell. You’ll then see the notifications on your Dashboard.



  2. When you click on that notification, a pop-up will provide more detail. Click Mark as Read, and the notification will be placed under your Read notifications, or, click Keep Unread, and that notification will remain on your Dashboard.


View notifications as an external individual
  1. An individual external to the Maxwell Health system (or an individual within the Maxwell Health system, but external to this employer) who’s been set up to receive notifications will receive an email with the subject “New Notification.” The body of the email will not contain any information about the notification. It will contain a link that when clicked, will open a new tab in their browser, where they’ll be prompted to enter the password for the notification.
  2. Once the password is entered successfully, the details of the notification will appear.

Types of notifications 
  • Change Reason: receive a notification when an employee goes through a change. You’re able to set up notifications for all Change Reasons, or only certain Change Reasons. 


  • Help Request: receive a notification when an employee requests help through the system. You’re able to set up notifications for all questions, or only certain questions.

  • System: receive a notification when an employee takes certain actions relating to their information in the Maxwell system. You’re able to set up notifications for the following system actions:
    • Employee Confirmation of Benefits - receive a notification when an employee who has products available to enroll in or make changes to selects the “Submit Enrollment” button on the final checkout screen
    • Member Info Modified while in QLE - receive a notification when an employee tries to re-enter Maxwell after a QLE has been triggered

  • Integration: if applicable, receive a notification when synchronization events happen with an integration. These notifications will vary based on the type of integration. For more information on setting up notifications for an integration, visit our articles specific to integrations.
  • Reward: receive a notification when certain events happen relating to the employer’s reward store. You’re able to set up notifications for the following subtypes:
    • Low Account Balance - receive a notification when the rewards account balance falls below $50.00
    • Reward Redeemed - receive a notification when an employee redeems their coins for gift cards in their Maxwell mobile app rewards store

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