How are Coins Calculated?

When employees connect their fitness devices (FitBit or Jawbone) with the Maxwell Health mobile app, the app tracks their steps, and turns those steps into points and coins. If the employer so chooses, they can set up a rewards store and allow employees to redeem coins they have earned for gift cards. For more general information, read an overview of the Rewards tool.

Coins are calculated as follows:

The minimum amount of steps to earn any points within a 24 hour period is 5,000.  After accumulating 5000 steps:

  • 100 steps = 1 point
  • 500 points = 1 coin / 50,000 steps = 1 coin
  • Earn a daily bonus: 7,000 steps (24 hour period) = +10 points for that day or 10,000 steps (24 hour period) = +20 points for that day
  • If you have set up a rewards store, each $10.00 gift card "costs" 2 coins 
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