How are Coins Calculated?

Note: Rewards functionality is no longer available for new clients to set up in Maxwell as of June 1, 2022. 
Clients who are currently using Rewards can continue to have employees redeem rewards through the end of 2022, but we strongly encourage you to migrate to a different rewards provider sooner to ensure there is less disruption for your employees as we sunset this feature.


When employees connect their Fitbit with the Maxwell Health mobile app, the app tracks their steps and turns those steps into coins. If the employer so chooses, they can set up a rewards store and allow employees to redeem coins they have earned for gift cards. For more general information, read an overview of the Rewards tool.

Coins are calculated as follows:

  • To gain 1 coin, an employee must hit at least 50,000 steps in a calendar week
  • An employee can earn a *maximum* of 1 coin per calendar week (resets each Monday)
  • 2 coins are still the equivalent of $10 in redeemable rewards
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