Improved "New Hire" System Email Template

People that have just joined your company have a lot on their minds. Between meeting new colleagues and setting up their work stations, they’ve already got their hands full. That’s why we made signing up for Maxwell more straightforward with a redesigned new hire system email template.

Improved "New Hire" system email template

Starting tomorrow, September 8th, 2016, the “Welcome & Plan Select - New Hire” system email template will be updated with a new design and clearer text.



A few things we love about this new email template:

  • The call-to-action to set up their accounts is prominently featured as a button—employees can’t miss it
  • We let them know what to expect in Maxwell once they get their accounts set up
  • If they’re still not sure what Maxwell’s all about, they can get a quick tour by watching a 90-second video
  • Like before, the email is personalized with information that’s in the Maxwell platform
    • {{user.nameFirst}} pulls the employee’s first name
    • {{enrollmentDate}} pulls the earliest “Available to Shop” end date of all the “Open” products the employee is eligible for
Customizing this new system email template
While this new design will replace the system email template “Welcome & Plan Select - New Hire,” it will not replace any customized templates that you’ve created. You can easily create a new customized version of this system template. Just follow these steps!:



What’s next?

We’re planning to update all our system email templates by the end of the year. Stay tuned for more information on this soon! 


Reach out to your Advisor or our Customer Support Team at

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