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Kashable is a socially responsible, financing solution for individuals offered as a voluntary benefit program at no cost or risk to the employer. Kashable helps individuals to bridge the financial gap caused by out-of-pocket medical expenses, personal emergencies and times of hardship, by letting employees take out loans and repay them via payroll deduction.

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About Kashable

As a value-add, non-insurance product, Kashable is available to all eligible employees, 24/7 when the need for credit arises. This means that the Kashable product will be available to employees outside of their annual open enrollment. Loans are repaid through automatic payroll deductions with no further action needed on the part of the employee. For more information and an FAQ on how Kashable generally works, read a PDF on Kashable for employers.

Adding Kashable to the voluntary benefits package will provide employees:

  • Immediate access to disciplined, affordable, and easy-to-manage credit
  • A five-minute process to register and take out a low cost, term loan
  • A three business day process to receive funds directly deposited into an employee’s bank account
  • 6% starting interest rate for highest credit borrowers

Maxwell Health’s integration with Kashable automatically generates and sends a preformatted file to Kashable on a weekly basis that includes information (detailed below) on employees who have engaged with the Kashable product.

About the Kashable service and Maxwell Health

In order to offer Kashable through Maxwell Health, you must have 25 total benefit eligible employees. Additionally, employees residing in New York, Oregon, and Rhode Island cannot currently use Kashable. 

Employees can enroll in Kashable at any time, and are not limited to an annual enrollment period. After an employee enrolls through Maxwell, Kashable will email the employee with any enrollment materials. 

Employees who have been terminated can still keep their Kashable product outside of Maxwell Health. Should an employee leave an employer while paying off a loan, Kashable will work directly with the employee to pay off the remaining balance.

How the integration works

Once the integration is set up and turned on, a file containing the following information will be sent from Maxwell Health to Kashable on a weekly basis:

    • List of employees currently enrolled in Kashable. This lets Kashable know the employee is still eligible for the subscription service and keeps their account active.
    • List of employees who have checked out with the Kashable product in Maxwell Health.
    • List of employees with the Kashable product who have been terminated (voluntarily or involuntarily), and employees who have voluntarily terminated the Kashable product. This lets Kashable know these employees are no longer eligible for the product through Maxwell Health.

View a status of your syncs, and a record of every sync that has occurred in the integration log, which can be found in your administrator portal under Settings > EDI and Integrations > Current Integrations > Kashable > Log. 



Enrollment in the Kashable product comes at no cost to the employer, or the employee. The employe only makes a payment to Kashable via payroll deductions if, and only if, they apply and are approved for a loan.

Kashable works directly with the payroll contact at your employer to collect loan payments as a standard payroll deduction. 

Get started

If you offer Kashable to your employees through Maxwell, this integration will be added and turned on by the Maxwell team.

If you're an HR Administrator, please talk to your Advisor if you’re interested in offering Kashable and using the integration. If you're an Advisor, please include the request for Kashable and the integration at implementation, or use this form to request it off-cycle.

Once your Advisor provides all the necessary information, the following will happen:

  1. The Maxwell team will securely share employer and employee census data with Kashable, so that they can determine eligibility. This data includes:
    • employer name
    • employer address
    • Advisor name
    • HR contact
    • payroll contact
    • payroll frequency
    • employee date of hire
    • employee address
    • employee status (part-time or full-time, if Maxwell has this information)
    • employee payment type (hourly or salary, if Maxwell has this information)
    • employee annual salary (if payment type = salary)
  2. Within two business days of receiving this data, Kashable will send the Employer Agreement and the Welcome Letter to the Advisor, employer, and the Maxwell team. This includes the waiting period and effective dates for the Kashable product. They will also ask for any further information they need at this time to set up the account.
  3. The Maxwell team will update the Kashable product description to include the correct waiting period and effective dates, and activate the integration.


For technical questions about the Maxwell Health + Kashable integration, please contact Maxwell Customer Support at support@maxwellhealth.com or (866) 629-7445.

For more general questions about the Maxwell Health + Kashable integration, please contact your advisor and/or the Maxwell Health Marketplace Team at marketplace@maxwellhealth.com. 

For questions regarding the Kashable product, please contact your Advisor, or Kashable representative.

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