How To: Add an Eligibility Group Variation to a Benefit in Tempo

Do you have a benefit with a slightly different contribution or new hire waiting period that will vary based on a different eligibility group for an employer? Follow the steps below to add or edit an Eligibility Group Variation!

What variations are supported on a benefit?

Eligibility group variations can only be setup for specific configuration differences on the same benefit plan for an employer. If you have other fields that are different for an eligibility group than what is supported below, you will need to set up a new benefit with those configurations for the specific eligibility group.

The supported fields for setting up a variation for benefits in Maxwell include:

  • Tax status
  • If the product is waive-able
  • New hire waiting periods
  • Termination provisions
  • Rehire provisions
  • Employer Contributions

All fields are visible on the default/base and any changes to unsupported fields on the base will automatically be copied down to all variations.

Add an Eligibility Group Variation on a Benefit

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