Process an Employee's Elections

After elections have been submitted to the carriers and they have confirmed the enrollment information, any eligible products that are "Confirmed" (and "Selected" in some cases), should be processed. This will set the status of that available product to "Closed" and create an enrolled or waived product.

In this article, you'll learn how to process elections for a specific employee. This makes sense in the context of an individual new hire or a change event. However, if you have many new hires and would like to process all of them at once, you can process them in bulk. 

  • If you have an employee with an EOI product, you will process their additional volumes separately after they've been approved or denied.
  • If you have a product with an EDI connection, you can choose to process that product like you would other non-EDI products. You can also wait and let the EDI feed process products provided the products are in a "Confirmed" status and the available to shop dates have passed.
    • Keep in mind that most carriers pick up file feeds on a weekly frequency (i.e. every Monday). So even if you process the product, you'll have to wait for the file feed to pick it up for that information to get to the carrier. 

Watch the slideshow below to learn how to process an employee's elections:


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