About Eligible Products

Eligible Products refers to the set of benefits that could be made available to an employee based on their benefit eligibility group. These are the products that will be used in managing enrollment opportunities for your employees. When the employee’s eligible product is processed, it will create the enrolled product that the employee owns.

In this article you'll see how you can use the Eligible Products tab to:

The employee's eligible products are found in their employee profile on the "Eligible Products" tab. 


View an employee’s eligible products

View the products the employee  was, is, or will be eligible for. These products appear based on the eligibility group the employee's in. The time period is  based on the overall product’s effective dates for the employer.


View or change the status of an employee’s products

The "Shopping Status" of a product changes automatically as an employee selects and confirms a product through the shopping experience. There are four product statuses in the Status drop-down: “Closed,” “Open,” “Selected,” and “Confirmed.”

There is also an “Ineligible” status, which is created automatically, and cannot be changed. This indicates that the product is not available to this employee, as the product end date has passed. For more information on exactly what these statuses mean, read an article on product statuses.

You can also change the status of an employee’s product by selecting a "Shopping Status" from the drop-down for a particular product and clicking Save. This will be useful if you're running a passive enrollment and filling out all of the enrollment information for an employee, or if an employee made a mistake in their enrollment, and you need to make a change.

If you don’t want to change each product’s status one-by-one, you can change the status of multiple products at once by checking the products and clicking Bulk Edit. You can also change the "Available to Shop" dates and the product effective date for several products at once using this tool.


View or change the "Available to Shop" dates for an employee’s product

On the employee’s eligible products tab, you can view the "Available to Shop" dates for each eligible product for that individual employee. These dates determine the timeframe that employees would be able to access benefits in their shopping area and make benefit elections (the employee’s enrollment window).

  • In many cases, such as a new hire enrollment or your annual open enrollment, the dates have been set automatically. (That would be based on the information your Advisor provided to Maxwell during implementation—read more about new hire waiting periods in Maxwell).
  • In other cases, the Admin may have set these dates manually - for example through a qualifying life event for an employee.

Why might you need to modify the Shopping Window?

  • Employees may request additional time to complete their enrollment (and the timeframe is within the time that the carrier will allow).
  • Employees may have missed the original shopping window (but the carrier will still allow them to make elections).
  • As the Administrator, you may want to work outside of the default shopping dates set by the system and manage this manually. (i.e. your employee has a 90 day waiting period and you want to wait until 30 days before the effective date of coverage to allow an employee to shop, you can set those dates manually).

How do I extend or shorten the employee enrollment window (shopping dates)?

If you need to adjust the “Available to Shop” dates for an individual employee you can do that directly on the eligible products tab (see below):

  • Click edit/process on the eligible product and then adjust the “Available to Shop End Date” to set the timeframe you prefer. (Please note when clicking Edit/Process, you may need to select a change reason - if so, select Administrative Change”).

You can also adjust the dates for several products at once for this employee by selecting products and clicking Bulk Edit and entering the new "Available to Shop" dates. To change these dates in bulk for several employees at once, reach out to your Advisor or Maxwell Health Account Manager.


On time zones: If the product is in a status of “Open” (or “Selected,” if running a passive enrollment), and today is within the "Available to Shop" date range, then the employee is currently able to shop for the product. "Available to Shop" dates respect the user’s local browser time.

  • As an example, say that you're an Admin in Massachusetts, and you notice your employee in the California group has an "Available to Shop" start date of 5/3/2017. If you are in Massachusetts, and masquerade as that California employee at 1 AM EST on 5/4/2017, you will not see any products available to them. However, if the California employee logs into Maxwell at the same time while in California, they will see products available to them. This is because it's 11 PM PST on 5/3/2017, and therefore still within their open enrollment date range.
  • Any products that are left in a status of “Open” after the "Available to Shop" end date has passed will be automatically changed to “Closed” at 12 a.m. PST (3 a.m. EST). This is to prevent any products that the employee did not choose, but had available to them, from showing up on the Dashboard and in various reports.

View or edit an employee’s product options such as coverage level

View or edit an employee’s product options such as coverage level by clicking Edit/Process. To keep accurate records, you'll need to enter a change reason to do this.

Process products

After product elections have been submitted to the carriers and they have confirmed the enrollment information, any available products that are in a status of “Confirmed” (and "Selected" in some cases), should be processed. You will do this from the Open Enrollment page—read instructions on how to process product(s) for a specific employee.

Processing the product will set the status of that available product to “Closed," and create an enrolled or waived product in the employee's "Enrolled Products" tab. You will know this product has been processed (vs. just “Closed”) when you see a "Coverage History" bar on the product tile.



Processing on a per product basis makes sense in the case of a new hire, however, if you are processing products on the basis of annual open enrollment period, process them in bulk. For more information, read instructions on how to process products in bulk.

If an employee’s product has an "EDI" indicator, this means that this product uses an EDI feed to automatically process the product with the carrier directly. You can manually process the product, or wait for the feed to pick up the "Confirmed" product. For more information, read how EDI works in Maxwell.



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