ACA Overview

Our ACA tool helps you meet the compliance requirements of the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) employer mandate. The employer mandate requires large employers to offer coverage to employees and their dependents. To demonstrate that they have done this and are in compliance, employers must file IRS forms on an annual basis.

Much of the employee data you will need to comply with the employer mandate is already stored in your Maxwell Health portal. The ACA tool allows you to access this existing information to use for your IRS reporting.

Note: To minimize the amount of contact with sensitive employee information in the ACA Data Extract, the Manage ACA tool requires you to be a Master Administrator in Maxwell Health. Standard Administrators do not have access.


The Maxwell Health ACA Package

The Maxwell Health ACA Package, available through the Manage ACA tool, is a zip file containing a data extract and a PDF.

  • The data extract contains all of the employer mandate-relevant information within your Maxwell portal, including:
    • employer information
    • employee and dependent current demographic information
    • employee and dependent medical product information
  • The PDF is a universal Maxwell Health document that includes:
    • instructions on interpreting the data extract
    • descriptions of where within the IRS forms the information from the extract is useful
    • a comprehensive data dictionary allowing any reader, including those not familiar with the Maxwell Health system, to successfully interpret the data fields
    • a list of data limitations

 For more information, read the PDF: About the Maxwell Health ACA Data Extract and see an example data extract.


Send the ACA Package securely

Think the ACA Package would be useful for your business? Send it to yourself, your colleagues, one of our compliance partners, or other third party vendors assisting you with ACA compliance via secure, HIPAA-compliant mail directly from your administrator portal.  Read how to send the ACA Package.


Maxwell Health compliance partners

The Manage ACA tool provides links to information and a way to contact our compliance partners:  ACA Reporting Service and  BenefitScape. These best-in-class firms are regulatory experts on ACA requirements and can:

  • Provide guidance and support on meeting the law's employer mandate (Section 6055 and 6056), reducing your risk of fines and fees
  • Complete and file 1094 and 1095 forms with the IRS, and facilitate sending written statements to employees
  • Track employee hours and attendance to ensure you're offering coverage to all eligible employees under the law

Because we can provide these partners with almost all of the data they will need to complete the forms, Maxwell employers receive preferred pricing. We recommend you look into their services.


ACA Resources 

The ACA Resources section of the Manage ACA tool provides links to relevant IRS websites for more detailed information straight from the source. This is important, as information within the Manage ACA tool and in the Maxwell Health ACA Package is intended to serve as a general guideline and should not be considered legal or tax advice. Companies should consult with experienced legal counsel, such as one of our compliance partners, if they have questions about the ACA employer mandate.

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