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Our ACA tool helps you meet the compliance requirements of the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) employer mandate. The employer mandate requires large employers to offer coverage to employees and their dependents. To demonstrate that they have done this and are in compliance, employers must file IRS forms on an annual basis.

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Note: To minimize the amount of contact with sensitive employee information in the ACA Data Extract, the Manage ACA tool requires you to be a Master Administrator in Maxwell Health. Standard Administrators do not have access.

The Maxwell Health ACA Package

Much of the employee data you will need to comply with the employer mandate is already stored in your Maxwell Health portal. The ACA tool allows you to access this existing information to use for your IRS reporting.

The Maxwell Health ACA Package, available through the Manage ACA tool, is a zip file containing a data extract and a PDF.

  • The data extract contains all of the employer mandate-relevant information within your Maxwell portal, including:
    • employer information
    • employee and dependent current demographic information
    • employee and dependent medical product information
  • The PDF is a universal Maxwell Health document that includes:
    • instructions on interpreting the data extract
    • descriptions of where within the IRS forms the information from the extract is useful
    • a comprehensive data dictionary allowing any reader, including those not familiar with the Maxwell Health system, to successfully interpret the data fields
    • a list of data limitations

For more information: Read the PDF: About the Maxwell Health ACA Data Extract and see an example data extract.

Download the ACA Package securely. Think the ACA Package would be useful for your business? Download it for yourself, your colleagues, one of our compliance partners, or other third party vendors assisting you with ACA compliance directly from your administrator portal.  Read how to download the ACA Package.


ACA Partners - Benefit Scape


BenefitScape has an unrivaled record of ACA Compliance and Reporting for Maxwell Health clients.

As a complete ACA Compliance and Reporting solution, BenefitScape does it all, from Hours Tracking and Eligibility Management, Form 1095 coding/printing/e-filing via IRSAIR Integration, along with State-Mandated reporting and Penalty Remediation. Most importantly, BenefitScape prioritizes making the ACA Compliance and Reporting process simple for Maxwell users by pairing each user with a dedicated Client Management team of ACA specialists.

BenefitScape’s smart, secure, and proprietary BenefitScape 20 application works seamlessly with Maxwell data to provide zero-error and on-time ACA Compliance and Reporting. By focusing exclusively on ACA Compliance and working with Maxwell data, BenefitScape is able to provide unrivaled cost efficiency and superior customer service to Maxwell clients along with hundreds of diverse employers across the US.


  •  Hours Tracking and Eligibility Management
  • Form 1095 Coding/Printing/e-filing via IRSAIR integration
  • State-Mandated Reporting
  • IRS ACA Penalty Remediation
  • Unrivaled Client Support


BenefitScape is pleased to offer a 10% discount for all ACA Compliance and Reporting services to all Maxwell clients. Pricing is based on the total number of Form 1095s generated and e-filed. Please contact BenefitScape to receive a customized quote.

Learn more about BenefitScape’s complete ACA Compliance and Reporting solution by clicking here.

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Call BenefitScape at (508) 655-3307 or email to begin your ACA Compliance and Reporting project with BenefitScape.

ACA Partners - ACA Reporting Service


ACA Reporting Service is a full service Affordable Care Act (ACA) reporting company. Their ACA reporting solution was built out of an in-depth knowledge and understanding of employee benefits, which is the major difference between their solution and the majority of competitors who approached this reporting from a technology or payroll background. Having established relationships with the actual individuals who are ultimately responsible for this annual reporting (human resource directors, finance directors & benefit brokers) and knowing the type of functions they perform each day, ACA Reporting Service has designed a client experience to fit their clients perfectly. Most importantly, their #1 focus and goal is to be a service company delivering a great client experience. It is this focus on serving their clients which helps them achieve a 98%+ client satisfaction rate.


  • Form 1094 & Form 1095 creation
  • Form 1095-C code calculation
  • Convenient PDF form delivery
  • E-filing forms to IRS
  • HIPAA & HITECH compliance including BAA
  • Compatible with any payroll system
  • Compatible with any medical plan How It Works
  • Initiate the ACA data extract out of the Maxwell platform and send over to ACA Reporting Services via Maxwell’s ACA tool.
  • The ACA Reporting Services team will work with you to complete the forms and filing process.


Applicable Large Employers (ALEs), who are required to report, are employers who had 50+ full time employees, including full-time equivalent employees, on average during the prior calendar year.


Pricing for ACA reporting is based upon the number of forms created and filed. ACA Reporting Service offers a 10% discount from their standard pricing for Maxwell clients.

Learn more about ACA Full Service Reporting Solution by clicking here.

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