About Product Statuses

In Maxwell Health, eligible products have a "Shopping Status." This tells us where the product
is in the shopping experience. The "Shopping Status" of an eligible product can be changed by an Administrator or will change automatically as an employee selects and confirms those products through the shopping experience. 

There are four main statuses on eligible products that give you insight into what is happening in the enrollment of an employee (See below for more information on each status):

  1. Closed
  2. Open
  3. Selected
  4. Confirmed 

Keep in mind that the statuses of these products also determine where an employee would show on your main Dashboard.

Products that each employee is eligible for can be found on the "Eligible Products" tab of the employee's profile. In the status tracker at the top of the Eligible Products tab, you can see an overall count of products within the four main statuses. You can also drill down further by interacting with the status tracker to filter out statuses and only show what is important or relevant to you: 


Product statuses and what they mean:
  • "Open": This means that the employee will be able to shop for this product if the current date is within the indicated "Available to Shop" dates. If the status is "Open" but we are outside of the "Available to Shop" date window, the employee will not be able to shop for this product. If at any point you need to "open" a specific product for a specific employee, you simply need to set the status to "Open" and indicate "Available to Shop" dates. 
  • "Selected": This means that the employee has selected this product, but has not confirmed their benefits. Note at this point, the employee could have selected to enroll, or selected to waive, therefore this status is not indicative of intent. Some products may be auto-selected, either because they require 100% participation or due to a passive enrollment scenario. In those cases, employees may have all or some selected products, without having logged in.

  • "Confirmed to Enroll" or "Confirmed to Waive": This status means that employees have confirmed this benefit and "checked out" of the shopping experience. Once employees have confirmed all elections, enrollment information can be sent to the respective carriers. Note: If you are running a passive enrollment, employees are not required to log in and confirm their selections. In this case, you would want to send both "Selected" products and "Confirmed" products to the carriers. At the end of open enrollment, after carriers have confirmed they have received election/enrollment information, these products should be processed. Products can be processed in bulk, by product type, vendor, or specific product, or processed per employee, per product.

  • "Closed": When products are "Closed" this means they are not available for the employee to select/shop for, even if the current date is within the "Available to Shop" dates indicated. Furthermore, after any "Selected" or "Confirmed" products are processed, their status of the eligible product will be set to "Closed." Those products will then live on the "Enrolled" tab.

  • "Ineligible": This means this product is not available to employees anymore, because we are past the end date of the product. For example, if the 2016 plan ends on 12/31/2016, as of 01/01/2017, those products will be "Ineligible" because they are no longer available to any employees. Ineligible products also appear to be greyed out.

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