Test it out - Walk through the Employee Experience

As an Administrator, it’s important to understand what your employees are experiencing when they log in to Maxwell to shop for their benefits. To view your portal through the eyes of an employee, you can create a test employee and then walk through the Employee Experience.

 This will require you to log into Maxwell using your Administrator access. You should have received a “Welcome” email with directions on logging into Maxwell for the first time, and setting up your password. Once you have set up your password, you’ll need to create your test employee to get started.

Creating Your Test Employee

  • The first screen that you will see upon logging in is the Dashboard.
  • In the upper right-hand corner of your screen click Add/Edit Employees > Add Employee to create your test employee.
  • You will now need to fill in some required information to create your test employee’s profile. Required fields have an (*) by them. Please follow the tips below for adding your test employee. 
    1. Eligibility Group – select a group from the drop-down
    2. First Name – Test 
    3. Last Name – A Sample
    4. Email – asample.[Insert Employer Name]@maxwellhealth.com (ex: asample.ABCcompany@maxwellhealth.com)
    5. Date of Hire – date that you are adding test employee
    6. Annual Salary – only required if you are offering salary based products (life, LTD, etc.)
  • Click Add Employee once all information has been input.
  • The Send Welcome Email prompt will appear. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and select Skip as this is a test employee. 
  • The system will now bring you to the newly created test employee's profile.
  • Navigate to the upper right-hand corner of the employee's profile and click Log in as Employee.
  • A new window or tab will appear in your internet browser. This is the employee portal for your test employee. Depending on your setup, you may see the Welcome Screen with your company logo, or you may be required to accept a Terms of Service before seeing your welcome message.
  • Please use this employee to walk through the employee experience detail below, and complete all actions listed under Try it Out.

Welcome Screen

Once the employee has created their unique password and logged in, they will be brought to the Welcome screen. This screen may be customized with your employer logo and verbiage, and introduces the Maxwell shopping experience to the employee.

>>Try it Out:

  1. Click Next to move to the next screen.

There are three key steps employees will typically take in Maxwell when selecting benefits:

  1. Entering their personal and dependent information
  2. Shopping for products
  3. Reviewing selections and checking out

Personal Information Screen

As an Administrator, there are a few basic pieces of demographic information that you will need to enter to get a new employee added to the system (First Name, Last Name, Email, Date of Hire, and Annual Salary). Employees will be required to fill in all remaining demographic fields when they log into their portal.

>>Try it Out:

  1. Fill in all required (*) fields, and click Next.
  2. The system will flag you if a required field has not been filled in before moving on.

Dependent Information Screen 

If an employee intends to add a dependent to any of their plans, they will need to add them at this point in the process. When the employee enters the shopping area, they will be able to select which of their dependents they would like to cover on each plan.


>>Try it Out:

  1. Click the + Add Dependent link to add a dependent in the system. Get creative while adding their required (*) demographic information.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of your page and click the + Add Dependent link again to continue adding more dependents.
  3. Please add at least one dependent.
  4. When you finished adding your dependents, click Complete.

Shop For Benefits

After employees have entered their personal and dependent information, they will be able to shop for all of the products and benefits that you are offering. Follow the sidebar as you walk through the employee experience of adding or waiving each product.

Important: Some categories are required (like Medical, Dental, and Vision).  If employees do not choose to enroll or add a product to their cart, they’ll need to waive the product before they can move on. Other categories may be optional or contain employer paid benefits.


Pay attention to any products that are automatically selected under MY CART at the top of your screen. This auto-selection of products is typically used for employer paid benefits. An employee will see these when they start the process of enrolling in benefits.


Click here for an article on What to expect when selecting your benefits located on the Employee Help Center.


>>Try it Out:

  1. Click on any of the product tiles to see more details including cost, copays, deductibles etc.
  2. Select a dependent coverage level from the drop down to see how the rates change for each product.
  3. Click Add To Cart to enroll in a product. You will then be asked to confirm your coverage level.
  4. Waive at least one product.
  5. Make sure you are enrolling in a good cross-section of products
    • Optional - If you are offering Financial Products to your employees (like a Flexible Spending Account, Dependent Care Account, or Health Reimbursement Account), walk through adding one of the products to your cart so that you can see how the employee will elect their contribution amount.
    • Optional - If you are offering a Voluntary Life plan to your employees, walk through adding the product to your cart so that you can see how the employee will elect their coverage amount. Note the pre-approved amount and any pending amounts if the employee elects over and gets flagged for EOI.
  6. Once you have finished making your selections, click Review My Cart to move on to the next step.

Review My Cart

This is the employee’s opportunity to make any last adjustments to their product selections, coverage levels, or selected dependents before checking out. They will also see the employer contribution and total cost per pay period for each selected benefit, and a total payroll deduction at the bottom of the screen. 

>>Try it Out:

  • Review your selections and practice any adjustments.
  • Scroll to the bottom of your screen and click Final Review to move on to the last step.

Final Review & Submit Enrollment

In this final step the employee gets one last opportunity to see all of their personal, dependent, and product information pulled together.

Important: If an employee has selected products requiring beneficiaries, they will see a Add/Edit Beneficiaries button in the Beneficiary Information section on the Final Review screen. They will need to fill in the requested information prior to officially submitting their elections. All demographic fields are required for the beneficiary with the exception of SSN.


Some products may have linked forms that employees will be required to fill out based upon their elections. These forms will be shown on the confirmation page after the employee has submitted their enrollment.

>>Try it Out:

  • If you’ve selected products requiring a beneficiary, click Add/Edit Beneficiaries and fill out the requested fields. You will need to manually add a beneficiary to each product listed in the drop down.
  • Once beneficiaries have been saved and validated, click Submit Enrollment to checkout.
  • Success! You will be brought to a confirmation page where you can review your now pending product elections.
  • Click Sign Forms above the enrollment summary if applicable to see how employees will electronically complete and sign any assigned forms.
  • Logout of the employee’s portal once you’ve completed all steps, and contact your Advisor if you have any questions regarding benefit offerings, rates, or product information.


Thank you for taking the time to walk through the Employee Experience. Once you have completed all required trainings, and before you roll out the portal to your employees, please make sure to delete your test employee.



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