Maxwell Product Update: March 9, 2017

We make improvements to the Maxwell Health platform every day, but we don’t want to overwhelm you with information. This article highlights the recent product improvements we’ve made, so you can easily stay up to date. Here's what we’ve launched recently and what’s coming down the pipe soon.

Manage forms by employee

If you recently hired an employee, you probably spent some time making sure they’ve completed everything they need to get up and running. This usually includes making sure they’ve signed all their product enrollment and onboarding forms.

By the end of next week, for employers on the new forms system, you’ll be able to check in on any employee’s forms by going straight to their profile in the Admin view. Just click the “Forms” tab and you’ll see which forms are with the employee, which need your approval or signature, and which are completed and ready for download.

You can also approve or sign a form right from this view, as well as download all the employee’s completed forms in bulk into a single zip file. If you realize you forgot to send a form, click Send Forms straight from this view and the employee will have it in no time.





Employees will now be notified when they have forms to sign


Are you having to let employees know when they’re first sent a form for review and signature in Maxwell? We’ll take care of that from now on. Employees will be sent email notifications when they have pending forms to sign in the new forms system.

Notifications go to employees when:

Please note that the email notification was designed by Maxwell, and cannot be customized. Here’s a preview so you know what to expect:





Note: Employers on the old forms system can set up email notifications to be sent to employees when they have forms to sign. Set this up by going to “Settings” > “Preferences” and selecting an email template under “Default Form Signing Email Template." Learn more >

Other quick product updates

The employee experience now has new, more modern backgrounds guiding them through login and the first few screens.



Updated the “Dependents” screen in the employee experience to make the “Add Dependent” button more pronounced and have employees confirm they’re done before moving on to shopping. We also added validation so employees can no longer delete dependents when they're covered on a current or future product.



New best practice webinar

A new webinar “Best Practices for Managing Employee Info in Maxwell”answers the most common questions about entering, updating, and storing employee information. Register today for an upcoming session! 


If you went through Open Enrollment recently, a quick reminder to go back and make sure that the preference “Require Approval for Employee Changes” is set back to “Yes” under Settings > PreferencesThis ensures any changes employees make to their personal info or benefits will be sent to you for approval.

Got a question? We're here to help! Contact us at You can also always reach us at to share product feedback, ideas, or suggestions.

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