Ongoing Maintenance of EDI Information

Once an EDI connection is live, you will need to make sure the Maxwell portal is maintained with all the right information. Some changes to the portal, if not properly addressed, can cause issues with the EDI feed.

Keeping information up-to-date for EDI feeds

Maxwell collects employee data that is required for EDI feeds through fields that are set up based on an employer's specific account structure with the carrier. This can include demographic fields as well as fields that appear under an "EDI Fields" section or a "Custom Field" section.

As an employer, you may have a combination of EDI and Custom fields that appear on the employee's profile.

It’s especially important to keep the employee information stored in Maxwell up to date and accurate when you have an EDI connection in place, as Maxwell serves as the system of record and provides information directly and automatically to the carrier or vendor. The good news is, you shouldn’t need to fill out any reports, forms, or information on the carrier’s website. 

How to edit an EDI Field on the employee's profile

If your EDI connection works via EDI fields, you’ll want to make sure EDI fields aren’t blank on the employee’s profile. In the below example, “Location” is an EDI field for this employer and "Pennsylvania" is the field value.


Because this is a standard EDI field, there is validation to check for missing information on the employee when you are in the editing workflow of a new hire event or life event and the employee is enrolling in an EDI enabled benefit.

  • If an employee is enrolled in EDI enabled benefits and is missing the EDI field, an error is shown and will not allow you to end the event until the EDI field is filled out.

How to edit a Custom Field on the employee's profile

If your EDI connection works via custom fields, you’ll want to make sure custom fields aren’t blank on the employee’s profile. In the below example, “Emergency Contact” is a custom field for this employer.


Please note: Custom fields do not have the same validation as system EDI fields when editing an employee's enrollment.

Terminating Employees

Keeping Maxwell up to date with terminations is really important to keep in mind when you have an EDI feed. Enter the termination into Maxwell as soon as possible, and be sure to terminate all of the employee’s products. Not doing so will result in that employee staying active with the carrier. Learn how to terminate employees and their products in Maxwell.

Test employees

Please make sure to remove any test employees before you go live in Maxwell, and avoid adding additional new test employees. An EDI file does not differentiate real employee data from test employee data. If you create a test employee in Maxwell and forget to remove them, false information will be sent to carriers, and you could potentially be billed for coverage the carrier has on file for any test employees sent to them. Learn how to delete a test employee.

Changes to the carrier's billing structure

Your EDI feed was implemented based on billing identifiers matching up to information in the Maxwell portal. If any of those billing identifiers change, Maxwell will need to know to make sure we don’t need to make a change on our end (ex: to the custom fields or eligibility groups in Maxwell). Please email to provide this information to the team. They’ll make sure that the identifiers get updated in Maxwell.  The EDI team will then update the file and do everything they can to ensure there is no delay in delivering the file on time.

  • EDI field settings: EDI fields are set up and managed by our team. While you can edit the value of the actual field for an individual employee, you are not able to change the field settings or global values (found under Settings > EDI and Integrations > EDI Fields). If you need to request a change, please reach out to
  • Custom field settings: If a live employer has products with EDI connections, you should not edit or remove custom fields in Maxwell. (Note: these are located under Settings > Custom Fields.). Instead, please send an email to with the name of the employer and the custom fields you’re looking to edit or remove. They’ll make sure to get these updated both in the Maxwell portal and on the EDI file.
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