Maxwell Product Update: July 19, 2017

Run a Change Report Instantly—Whenever You Need It

Starting July 24, the Change Report will be available instantly, in seconds, whenever you need it. This means no more dependency on the Maxwell Team. As a bonus, we’ve also taken this opportunity to make formatting improvements to the report itself. Seeing what employee data has changed in Maxwell will now be easier than ever.

Why you'll love it:

  • The report maintains the simple format it has today with three main tabs. One for “Demographic Changes,” one for “Product Changes,” and one for “Consolidated Changes.” The “Consolidated Changes” tab displays final information on both product and demographic changes. You can send this tab directly to carriers who ask for changes-only files, and now it's even more digestible.
  • The report will still highlight old and new values and display a change type. There’s now a “Term” change type so you can easily identify terminated employees and products.
  • Organizational improvements to the “Demographics Changes” tab and “Product Changes” tab allow easy scanning of results.
  • Information has been condensed to only display what should truly render as changes on the report, based on your feedback. Find out more about the format of the report here.
  • The Change Report tab is now available to Standard Administrators! Fields on the report will be restricted depending on the Standard Administrator’s permission level.

Some details:

  • If you need data from before June 15, 2017, you'll continue to request a report from the Maxwell team. The report will be in the same format as you’re used to today. Learn more here >
  • Any archived Change Reports under the “Change Reports” tab will be removed when this new improvement goes live on July 24. Please download any reports you’d like to keep and save them outside of Maxwell.

We can’t wait for you to see the new Change Report in action! As always, please reach out to us with any questions. Once you take the new Change Report for a spin, we want to know what you think! Send us a note to 

In Case You Missed It

  • Couldn't attend the July 25th webinar reviewing the new Change Report? No worries! Watch the recording below:

  • Have you checked out the new Resource Center yet? You’re already here, so you may as well take a look around! We’ve completely redesigned it so you have a place to get help and learn that’s both easy to navigate and useful. This is also the home to the new Maxwell University, our education-driven approach designed to help maximize your results with Maxwell.


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