About Required Fields on Forms

When employees and HR Admins go to complete a form in Maxwell, any required fields will be highlighted in red. Employees will be prevented from signing the form until all required fields are completed.

Form fields are set to required by the Maxwell Health team. This article reviews how we determine which fields to set to required.

How Maxwell determines what form fields are required

At a minimum, we require the following fields on every form, as we know this information is almost always needed:

  • Employer business name
  • Employee first name
  • Employee last name
  • Employee gender
  • Employee date of birth
  • Employee address
  • Employee Social Security Number
  • Employee date of hire
  • Employee job title
  • Employment status
  • Preferred language

If the form’s instructions state any of the above fields are optional, then we do not set them to required. Also, all additional fields that the form’s instructions have indicated to be always required are set to required.

This includes fields that should only be required if an employee filled out another field (also known as a conditionally required field). If an employee selects “Other” in the example below, then the text field highlighted next to it would be required.


Note: Conditional fields can only be set up 1:1. Meaning, a text field cannot be required if a set of more than one other fields are selected.

Are signature fields required?

Signature fields are required on forms based on what the form is asking, and what actions the employee took when they selected their benefits in Maxwell. A signature field will be required if:

  • The form explicitly states it’s required
  • It’s the only signature field for the user (employee or HR Admin) to sign
  • It’s asking to confirm coverage and the employee enrolled in at least one product associated with the form
    • Ex:
  • It's asking to confirm declination of coverage and the employee waived at least one product associated with the form
    • Ex:
  • It's asking to confirm spousal coverage and a spouse is enrolled in at least one product associated with the form:
    • Ex:

A signature field won’t be required if the form explicitly states that the signature is optional. In that case, we do not make it required.

  • Ex: when a signature is only required for certain states:

Important notes about required fields

  • We do not currently have the ability for you to customize which form fields are required on a form in the new forms system.
    • If you have a request to make a form field required by default on a carrier enrollment form, and you think it could reasonably apply to other employers, please contact your Advisor. They’ll submit a request to Maxwell Health.
    • If you have a request to make a form field required by default on an onboarding form, please contact your Advisor. They’ll submit a request to the Maxwell team.
  • We cannot make any checkboxes and specific radio buttons required. Groups of radio buttons can be required, but a specific radio button cannot be made required.
    • Ex: We can’t make the below checkbox required, or the employee would be forced to check it to complete the form.
    • Ex: We'll make it required that one selection is made for #23, however, we cannot require only the “Termination” choice is made, for example.
  • Looking for “salary” and “marital status” to be required?
    • Salary: We cannot make “salary” a required field by default as, in our experience, this requirement differs across employers based on whether or not they have salary-based benefits. However, if salary is required in the employer’s Maxwell portal, then you can rest assured it will autopopulate on the form.
    • Marital status: To err on the side of caution, we’ve decided not to set the field “marital status” to required. In our experience, we have found that not every employer wants to collect this information, as some states have made marital status a protected class. In the event that an employee is enrolling a spouse or domestic partner in coverage, you can be confident that we will at least autopopulate this information on the form even if we can’t make it required.



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