Maxwell Product Update: September 6, 2017

Leading up to Open Enrollment, you're busy informing your employees about their benefits and what to expect this year. When it comes time to kick off Open Enrollment in Maxwell, you won't have time to waste. That's why, starting September 12, Master Administrators and your Advisors will now have the ability to set up and extend Open Enrollment (OE) in Maxwell. Until now, your Advisor has been working with the Maxwell team to make this happen. Not only is this tool now in your hands, but it's incredibly easy to use.

>> Before we dive in, watch a 25-minute recorded training! Our product experts cover how to set up and extend Open Enrollment, and what impact this has on the process you're used to today. You can also learn more about the new tool in this article.

Why you’ll love it

  • We know there’s A LOT that goes into planning Open Enrollment, and it can be hard to know Open Enrollment dates well in advance. Now, setting and adjusting Open Enrollment dates is in you and your Advisor’s control. Once you get confirmation from your Advisor that your portal is ready to go, you can set up OE whenever it’s convenient for you. Head to Benefits > Open Enrollment > Set up Open Enrollment to get started!

  • Open Enrollment can be tricky business, but this tool is not! It’s intuitive with lots of built-in validation, making sure you enter and set up everything as accurately as possible.
  • You’ll have the flexibility to decide which employees and products to include in the OE. You can also choose to set up a passive or active enrollment on a per-product basis. Learn more about passive and active enrollments here >


  • Before you complete setup, the tool will surface any employees who won’t be included in the company’s OE. So you can forget about running reports to find out which employees are in a new hire or change event. Learn more about dual enrollment >


  • We know that when you’re in the middle of OE, it’s the number one thing you want to stay on top of day-to-day. A new widget on the main Admin dashboard will show you how many days are leading up to or are left in the OE period.


  • We know that, despite all your friendly nudging, some employees may ask for an extension to select their benefits. Now, you can extend OE in just a few clicks!


  • When the time comes to complete OE, you’ll be guided through the next steps right in Maxwell. Once it’s ended, you can always reference the history of the OE under Benefits > Open Enrollment > Set up Open Enrollment.


That's not all!

  • When building the OE tool, we were looking to end any unnecessary steps you have to take when setting up and closing out OE. One of these steps was to turn the “Require Approval for Employee Changes” setting to “No” under Settings > Employer Preferences before your OE began. (And remembering to turn it off once it ended.) This allowed employees to make changes to their personal/dependent information, without needing to wait for your approval.
    Starting on September 12, the system will automatically know an employee is in an OE event and allow them to make changes to their personal/dependent information without needing approval. For this reason, we’re sunsetting the “Require Approval for Employee Changes” setting.
    • Because it’s no longer needed and could only lead to conflicting changes, employees will be prevented from requesting a change to their existing, current benefits while in an Open Enrollment.


    • We also took this as an opportunity to improve the employee experience during an OE overall. Now, when an existing employee logs in for the first time during Open Enrollment, they’ll always be brought to their “Personal Information” screen first so they’re prompted to update any personal and dependent information. 

Timing and transition details

  • Starting September 12, Advisors and Master Administrators will have the ability to use the tool to set up and extend any new OEs going forward, with a few exceptions. If your portal has recently been put live on Maxwell or you are very close to your renewal, your Advisor will work you on the details of setting up your Open Enrollment. If you’re in Open Enrollment on September 12, you won’t see the “Set up Open Enrollment” tab or the OE widget on your dashboard.
  • Based on your feedback that this tool should have restrictions, only Master Administrators have access. Standard Administrators cannot see the “Set up Open Enrollment” tab, and will not see the widget on the Admin dashboard.

With the new Open Enrollment tool, you can cross setting up and extending OE off your list of things to worry about during this busy time!

In Case You Missed It

Some recent smaller improvements of note:

  • Removed the “One-Time Cost,” “Annual Cost,” and “Monthly Cost” totals display from the cart view in the employee shopping experience. We found this wasn’t very helpful to employees, as the cost displayed is based on products with that deduction frequency.


    • Ex: In the screenshot above, the Dental, HMO, and Basic Life products are a monthly cost, so “Monthly Cost” displays as the sum of costs of those three products. The DCA product is an annual cost, so the “Annual Costs” section shows just the cost for the DCA product ($4,000). But, an employee would expect that the “Annual Costs” would display what they should plan to pay for the year (including the Dental, HMO, and Basic Life products). And that the “Monthly Cost” would include the deductions of their DCA product. The cost will continue to display next to the product it’s associated with.
  • Redesigned how notifications display on the Admin Dashboard with cleaner tabs and a better way to click through pages. Admins with zero unread/read notifications will now be greeted with a friendlier message.


  • Added the “Termination Reason” as a column in the “Inactive Employees” view.


  • Based on your feedback, we updated the way you can interact with status filters on the “Eligible Products” tab of an employee’s profile to be more intuitive.


Small Improvements Coming Down the Pipe

  • Soon, you’ll see text added to an employee’s profile if they’re in an Open Enrollment! This is a helpful reminder so you’re mindful of their OE status before taking any action. The “Eligible Products” tab will also be highlighted to call your attention to it. This is visible to both Master and Standard Admins.


  • Updating the message on the checkout screen to make it more clear to the employee that they have forms to sign based on the products they chose. Instead of “Success! Your enrollment is being submitted,” the employee will see “Almost there!” with the same call-to-action to sign forms.


Did You Know?

Product updates are pretty excellent, but they shouldn’t get ALL the fanfare! Here’s more about some of our tried-and-true Maxwell features and offerings:

  • We have ongoing live webinars with Maxwell product experts! Here are some you’ll find especially relevant in the coming months:
  • Have you used the new Change Report yet? If not, what are you waiting for?
    Head to Tools > Reports > Change Report. Enter in two dates and instantly see what changes were made to employee demographic and product information over that time period. You can use the new Change Report to:
    • Submit employee information and elections to carriers:
      • After an annual Open Enrollment
      • After you hire or terminate many people at the same time
      • To report changes to information on a regular basis
    • Review any changes in employee contributions to financial products month-to-month
    • Review specifics about information changed due to qualifying life events 

Thanks for reading! We can’t wait to hear what you think about the new Open Enrollment tool. Share your feedback with us by emailing

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