Maxwell Product Update: September 27, 2017

Managing employee information is a critical part of any HR professional’s responsibilities. This is especially true during the Open Enrollment season when changes are happening rapidly. With this release, we’ve taken a 360-degree approach to data management and improved three major areas: adding new hires, updating existing information, exporting that information out of Maxwell. As a result, on Monday, October 2, you will experience:

  • Several redesigned out-of-the-box reports that download in seconds
  • New Bulk Upload tool that allows you to add and edit information for multiple employees at once

On the employee experience side, we’re also introducing a printable benefits summary and an easier way to enter beneficiaries.

Okay, let’s jump into the details of this release!

>>Watch a 36-minute overview of these improvements:

Printable Benefits Summaries! 
We know that many of you and your employees are looking to print copies or save a PDF copy of their benefits summary. We’re making that easy to do by adding a “Print Summary” button! No more trying to print the screen view or copy and paste over into a new document.

When an employee submits their enrollment, they’ll see their benefits summary with a new option to print it out. They’ll also see the option to print a pending and current benefits summary from the “Benefits Summaries” section of their portal. Look out for these printable benefits summaries soon!



Manage Employee Data Better with Improved Reports

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to access your employee data out of Maxwell. Starting October 2, a new Reports Library with redesigned out-of-the-box reports allows you to download your benefits data and interpret it quickly.

Here’s what you can look forward to:

  • Easily find the report you’re looking for with our redesigned Reports Library. We’ve transitioned several popular out-of-the-box reports into this new look and feel. We've consolidated the number of reports so there’s better visibility into what report to run to get the data you seek. Any reports not yet transitioned over to the new Reports Library are available under “Cost & Other Additional Reports.” More information on how legacy reports map to new reports here >


  • The updated format and layout of the reports themselves make it easy to download a report, make small changes to customize to a carrier’s needs, and upload it to the carrier’s web portal. Highlights:
    • Coverage and pending election reports are now available in both vertical and horizontal formats.
    • All coverage and pending election reports now include covered dependents. The vertical reports display demographic information for each covered dependent.
    • New helpful fields:
      • Custom fields are pulled onto every report
      • “Product Checkout Date” on the Enrollment Status Report indicates when the employee submitted their enrollment
  • Reporting needs aren’t one-size-fits-all. Intuitive filters make it easy to pare down the information, so you’re only pulling out what you need. Filters will default to what applies most of the time, and you can edit them as you choose.


  • Reports in the new Reports Library will download with real-time data as an Excel (XLS) file in seconds. Like the Change Report, you can now rename the report and choose to save it to your “Report Downloads” page for future use.


A few notes:

  • This release is the first of many reporting improvements we plan to make in the future. This includes transitioning more reports over to the new Reports Library over time. Reports that have not been transitioned over to this new Library are available by clicking “Cost & Other Reports.” This will display the legacy reporting interface that you’re familiar with. Here, you can also find the reports you've downloaded before this release by clicking View Report Results.
  • There are several system reports we’re retiring as part of this release based on customer feedback:
    • Delta Dental Membership Reports
    • EyeMed Membership Reports
    • UnitedHealthcare Membership Reports
    • VSP Membership Reports
    • Employee Cost Report - Total Cost per Pay Period reports (Other cost reports are still available.)
    • PCP Report - Currently Enrolled (You can still run the PCP Report - Enrolled by Effective Date to achieve the same result.)
    • Beneficiaries Report - Currently Enrolled (You can still run the Beneficiaries Report - Enrolled by Date to achieve the same result.)
    • Voluntary Life and AD&D Cost and Volume Report - Currently Enrolled (You can still run the Voluntary Life and AD&D Cost and Volume Report - Enrolled by Date to achieve the same result.)
    • Product Cost Report - Total Cost per Pay Period (Currently Enrolled) (You can still run the Product Cost Report - Total Cost per Pay Period (Enrolled by Date) to achieve the same result.)
    • Complete System Export
  • Change Report is now listed in the Reports Library for easy access

We look forward to your feedback and to transition more reports over to the new Reports Library!

Easily Add and Update Employee Information in Bulk

We’ve redesigned the “Bulk Add” tool you use today to improve how you’ll add multiple employees to Maxwell. This enhancement will also give you the ability to update employee demographic and employment information in bulk. That’s why starting on October 2,  “Bulk Add” will be known as  “Bulk Upload.” Look for it under People > Bulk Upload.


Here’s what you can look forward to:

  • Let’s say 20 employees just got promoted and all have new job titles (good for them!). Before, you'd have to go into each employee’s profile and make the change one-by-one. Now, you can enter those new job titles on an XLS (Excel) or CSV file and easily import those updates in bulk! You have the flexibility to export employee data and work off that file or upload your own file.
  • Use another payroll or HRIS system? This tool makes it easier to keep Maxwell in sync with all your systems. You can download demographic information from an outside system, perform some quick reformatting, and upload it into Maxwell. You can also add new hires and update their information on the same upload.  Learn more about uploading a file from another system >
  • Whether you’re adding or updating information, your file uploads fast, and you can rest assured your data is clean. User-friendly and robust validation alerts you to any information you need to fix, with the exact employee name and row on the file.


  • Once you upload your file and it passes through the built-in data validation, you’ll be able to review your new hires/updates before applying them.


  • When your upload is complete, you’ll be prompted to email any new employees.


  • Additional fields you can add in bulk: Middle Name, Prefix, Suffix, Home Phone, Job Title, Disabled.
  • Exporting your current employee data and reuploading it is a great way to perform a health check of your data. This tool can surface validation errors that could potentially cause issues down the line.

Note: To maintain proper permissions for Standard Administrators and Master Administrators around editing salaries, the Bulk Upload tool is only available to Master Administrators and Advisors masquerading as Master Administrators.

Improved Beneficiaries Experience

We're redesigning the beneficiaries screen so employees can easily enter this information with fewer clicks and more accessible language. All products have been consolidated into one screen, and improved validation ensures employees are allocating 100% if adding more than one beneficiary (without causing confusion). Once beneficiary information has been saved, the employee will be automatically routed back to the previous screen they were on.


Employees will see this updated screen in both the shopping experience and on the “Beneficiaries” tab throughout the year. Look out for this improvement going live soon! This is just the beginning for beneficiaries improvements. In a future release, we’ll reduce data entry for employees with multiple products requiring beneficiaries. We also plan to add beneficiaries to the benefits summaries.

In Case You Missed It

Some recent smaller improvements of note:

  • Have you noticed searching for employees has been faster recently? Well, it wasn’t just your imagination! We’ve made performance improvements to searches on the Dashboard, as well as both the “Active Employees” and “Inactive Employees” pages. We've also updated the Dashboard search to allow searching for both active and inactive employees. Finding the employee you’re looking for is now that much easier.


  • You now have more visibility to their plan year with effective dates listed for each product. Log in and check it out under Benefits > Products!


Coming Soon

Little things can make a big difference. Check out some small but mighty enhancements coming soon.

  • Improving our forms “Auto-Sending” functionality based on your feedback!
    • We know you may not want a form to automatically send to employees for each product the carrier listed on the form. Soon, you'll have the flexibility to decide for which products the form should send. Want a Medical/Dental/Vision Enrollment Form to only send for the medical and dental products? No problem! You'll be able to head to the form’s “Settings” and turn “Auto-Sending” off for that one vision product. Learn more about “Auto-Sending” here >


    • If you have a separate Enrollment Form and Change Form for the same vendor, you will soon have the ability to have the Change Form automatically sent to an employee if they’re enrolled in a plan and switch to another plan (ex.: Cigna HMO → Cigna PPO) for medical, dental, and vision products. Before, an Enrollment Form was always sent to the employee by default.
      If you’d like a Change Form to be sent in this case, head to the “Settings” of your Change Form and turn “Auto-Sending” on for the new action "CHANGE selection from one plan to another (ex.: HMO to PPO)". This will be turned on by default for any medical, dental, and vision Change Forms added going forward after this update is live. Learn more about “Auto-Sending” here >


  • We’re streamlining the navigation in the employee experience so employees can more easily get where they need to go in Maxwell. The pages will remain the same, but how employees get to those pages will be much more intuitive.


What Else You Should Know

Now that the Change Report has been out for a few months, effective October 2, 2017, we’re sunsetting the ability to request a Change Report with the "Initial" date before June 15, 2017. Please submit any last requests on or before Friday, September 29.

Thanks for reading! We can’t wait to hear what you think about these improvements. Share your feedback with us by emailing

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