Maxwell Product Update: November 2, 2017

We’re excited to kick off the month with some product treats right on the heels of Halloween! Check out these small but mighty improvements our team has been brewing lately.

Set up Automatic Open Enrollment Reminders

Let’s face it. It’s human nature to procrastinate. As the end of Open Enrollment approaches, your employees will need a gentle nudge to make sure they finish selecting their benefits. But that doesn’t mean you have all day to send out reminder emails.

Now, you can set up reminders to be emailed to employees automatically 2 days before annual Open Enrollment ends. That’s one less thing to worry about!

How it works:

  • When you set up your Open Enrollment, you’ll see a new “Reminder Emails” setting, which will default to “ON.” This means a reminder email will automatically send to any employees who are in the annual Open Enrollment event and haven’t checked out of shopping 2 business days before the Open Enrollment End Date.

  • You can also turn this setting “ON” or “OFF” once your Open Enrollment setup is complete, even during OE. You can do this right in your Open Enrollment Summary.
  • This setting will default to “ON” for any Open Enrollments you’ve started to set up as of November 2, 2017, when this feature went live. You can turn the setting “OFF” if you don’t want the reminder emails to send. If you’ve already completed setup of your Open Enrollment, this setting will now be visible, but defaulted to “OFF.” You can turn it “ON” at any point.
    • Note: Reminder emails will not send if this setting is turned “ON” with less than 2 business days left in Open Enrollment.
  • The reminder email is a standard Maxwell template and cannot be edited or customized. Here’s a preview, so you know what to expect:
    Subject: Reminder! Please make your benefit elections by {{enrollmentDate}}
    • Note: 
      • {{enrollmentDate}} will populate the last day of Open Enrollment. Example: “Reminder! Please make your benefit elections by November 30, 2017”
      • {{user.nameFirst}} will populate the employee’s first name as entered into Maxwell

    • Note: Reminder emails will not be sent automatically to employees who are shopping for products due to new hire or life events. This is something we may consider adding in the future. 

Emailing Employees to Kick Off OE Now Includes Distribution List

Just as important as reminding employees to select their benefits? Effectively kicking off Open Enrollment with your employees. You’ve always had the ability email employees directly from the Open Enrollment dashboard after setting up an Open Enrollment. Today, we’ve taken it a step further. When you click Email Employees, you’ll still be brought to the “Send Communications” page, but this page will now auto-populate a distribution list of employees who are in that Open Enrollment event. The email template will default to the Maxwell email template “Welcome & Annual Open Enrollment” (as long as your Advisor has made this template available to you). Want to personalize the message? You can always edit the email before you send it out.

Display Who’s Using the Open Enrollment Tool and Reporting

We know benefits administration often requires collaboration with colleagues and clients. That’s why the Open Enrollment Summary will soon display who created and updated an Open Enrollment, as well as their role and when they took that action.

The “Report Downloads” page will also soon display the filters that were set when the report was downloaded, as well as the name and role of who saved a report download.


Future Benefit Summaries Now Available to Employees

Of course, there’s usually some time between when an employee selects their benefits and the actual effective date of those benefits. During that time, employees have always been able to log into Maxwell and reference the benefits they selected by viewing their pending products and “Pending Benefits Summary.” But this option was only available if the products hadn’t been processed by the HR Administrator yet. Now, employees can also view a benefits summary of their future products, even if the products have been processed!

How it works:

  • If the employee has future products that have all been processed (and therefore are now “enrolled” products in Maxwell), they’ll see a “Future Benefits Summary” which they can view and print.

  • If the employee has at least one future product that hasn’t been processed yet, they’ll see a “Future Benefits Summary” which they can view and print, with a note that at least one of these products are pending approval. This replaces the “Pending Benefits Summary.” Learn more about benefit summaries on the Employee Help Center >

More Beneficiary Updates

  • No one wants to enter information twice, especially not if they’re an employee trying to get through Open Enrollment! Now, entering beneficiaries for multiple products is a breeze. Employees can use the beneficiary information they’ve already entered for one product and apply it to the next.

  • Note: Beneficiaries that were entered before this update went live on October 6, 2017, will not be available to be selected as existing beneficiaries. The employee will only be able to select new beneficiaries they enter on or after that date. This is important for existing employees who may try to add an existing beneficiary to a product they’re newly enrolled in due to a life event or renewal.

Trouble Logging Into Maxwell?

There’s nothing more frustrating than not being able to log into an application. To help ease this pain, we added a “Having trouble logging in” link to the login page which brings the employee to the Employee Help Center. There, they can immediately troubleshoot any login issues and feel their frustration slip away.


Thanks for reading! Let us know what you think about these enhancements by emailing

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