Maxwell Product Update: December 12, 2017

Here at Maxwell, we don’t need New Year’s resolutions to make improvements. It’s our mission year-round to make your day-to-day easier, and we’re closing out 2017 with a few product updates that will do just that. Read on to get into the holiday spirit the Maxwell way!

Custom Reports: Data the Way You Want it

In September, we released reporting improvements that allow you to quickly and easily get the information you’re looking for out of Maxwell. Many of you have provided excellent suggestions since the release, with the most popular request sounding something like: “Finding and filtering the report is now much easier—but I wish I could save this version of the report to run again in the future.” That vision is now a reality with Maxwell custom reporting! You can now further distill your data by customizing which columns display on a report.  Even better? Save those selected columns and filters as a custom report to use again later.

Here are just a few reasons you'll want to use custom reporting

  • Update carriers or vendors with new enrollment information on a regular basis
    If you’re running Maxwell reports to submit enrollment information to vendors, you’re probably already applying filters based on what that specific vendor requires. Three improvements will make this a lot easier going forward:
    • You can drill deeper than just the vendor and filter down to a single product or set of products. This is useful when you have a few different types of products under one vendor. This part of the functionality is going live December 13th.
    • Select only the columns the vendor needs before you download, saving you valuable time you’d typically spend formatting in Excel.
    • Once you’ve set your filters and columns, save the settings as a custom report to use again and again! This is especially helpful for a product like a monthly commuter parking benefit, where regular updates to vendors are the norm.


  • Clear out information that doesn’t apply to your company
    Maxwell system reports were built to include as much information as possible. This is great if you’re using every field, but there may be cases where certain information just doesn’t apply to you. For example, if you know your company has never rehired anyone, you probably don’t need to see the “Employee Rehire Date” on reports. Now you can simply uncheck the column, save a custom report, and never see that blank column again.

  • Efficiently collaborate with coworkers
    Any custom reports you create will also be visible to your coworkers who use Maxwell. That way, everyone can benefit from the new lifehack you’ve discovered! You always have the option to personalize your report name and description for quick identification. Please note: Standard Administrator permissions will still apply. Learn more about permissions on the Resource Center > 

So, how will you make Maxwell reports your own? Go ahead and log into Maxwell today to see how it works for yourself! After you give it a spin, be sure to let us know what you think by emailing

Please note: this functionality is available for all reports visible in the new Reports Library, other than the Change Report.

Find Solutions Right When You Need Them

When you have a question about using Maxwell, you want answers—fast.  We get it! That’s why we’ve embedded our Administrator Resource Center content where you’re most likely to look for help: in the “Get Help” section of Maxwell! Find solutions, tips, and more with a single click.

What you’ll love:

  • Problems get solved faster with the right context. The list of suggested Resource Center articles updates based on the page you’re on.


  • Beyond the suggested articles, all content is accessible with a quick search. Once you’ve found the article you’re looking for, check out a quick preview or view it on the Resource Center in a new tab.


  • We know it’s impossible to address every question or concern using the Resource Center. If you need additional guidance, our Customer Support team is ready to help! Just click Leave us a message and provide the subject and a detailed description of your request. Your name, email address, and employer name will already be completed. Once submitted, one of our awesome representatives will respond to you as soon as possible!


Thanks for reading! As always, we welcome your suggestions, questions, feedback. Even random thoughts :) We want to hear from you. Drop us a note at

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