About the ADP Workforce Now 360° API Integration

Maxwell's 360° bi-directional API integration with ADP Workforce Now gives you a simple way to connect important benefits-related data in real-time. With this integration, it’s easy to manage your payroll changes while keeping your systems in sync!

In this article, we’ll cover:

Note: To map benefits eligibility, this integration requires that you either set up a custom employment field in ADP named Eligibility Group, or that you have access to ADP's Benefits Administration module in order to sync information from the Benefit Eligibility Class field.

About the Integration

This integration will automatically synchronize your employee’s demographic information bi-directionally between Maxwell and ADP, giving you the freedom to update employee information in either portal. In addition, deductions from your employees’ benefits in Maxwell will flow into ADP in almost real-time.

Once employees are matched between portals and the integration is live:

  1.  Demographic information changes sync bi-directionally (both ways) between Maxwell and ADP.  A change in one system will automatically update the other system.
  2. Benefit deductions changes sync one way - from Maxwell to ADP. 

For more details on integration activity, check out this article about how the integration works.

This three-minute video will give you a high-level overview of setting up the Maxwell/ADP API integration:

Get Started

Adding and setting up the integration is self-service and can be completed by the employer at any time. You just need to make sure that you’re already an ADP Workforce Now customer and have credentials to log into ADP and the ADP Marketplace.

>> Check out this article for more information on how to set up the integration.


ADP applies a cost of $1 per employee that has an active payroll deduction per month with the ADP Workforce Now 360° API integration.  ADP will bill the employer on a monthly basis.

Not supported by the integration

The following is not supported with the 360° API ADP Workforce Now Integration:

  • The integration currently does not support auto-creating new employees in ADP from Maxwell. You should always add new hires into ADP first.
  • Manual or one-time adjustments, such as prorating the employee’s contribution for a partial pay period or catching up and doubling the contributions for a missed pay period are not supported in Maxwell (and therefore the integration). Maxwell handles recurring deductions, as in the same amount for each paycheck. You’ll make these types of adjustments in the ADP system after the recurring deduction is synced over from Maxwell. Learn more about per pay period amounts in Maxwell >

Unsupported Payroll Code Configurations

There are complex payroll code overrides that we cannot support today with the ADP Integration. If possible, you should work with ADP to update your payroll codes in their system so that you can use the integration to sync benefit costs. This includes:

  • Override any benefit by a custom field in Maxwell
  • Override a voluntary benefit with a different payroll code for the insured individual: employee, spouse, or child



If you have a question about the API Integration functionality, setup, billing, or your sync, please contact Maxwell Customer Support at support@maxwellhealth.com.

If you have a question about ADP functionality or product offering, contact your ADP representative or visit their site.

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