Maxwell Product Update: February 28, 2018

We know it’s important to you that your company’s payroll system is up-to-date, and your COBRA administrator has everything they need when a COBRA event occurs. But, let’s face it. You don’t have all day to focus on these things. With tasks like this, you want to make sure they’re done well, in a reasonable amount of time. That’s why this product update is all about streamlining payroll and COBRA workflows. So you can get back to doing the things you really care about.

>>  We held a live training session on these updates on March 2. Whether you weren't able to attend, or just want to catch a refresher, check out the recording below!:

Stay on top of Payroll Changes—Without the Hassle

Get ready for some exciting payroll-related enhancements that will ensure high-quality data passes between your benefits management experience on Maxwell and your payroll provider—whoever you use—in a more efficient way. Let’s dive right in.

See it in action

View payroll changes

We know that keeping your payroll system up-to-date can be difficult and time-consuming if you don’t have the right tools available. Starting on March 5, Maxwell’s new View Payroll Changes feature will make the managing of day-to-day payroll changes much easier. So you'll feel confident that high-quality data gets over to your payroll provider—whoever you use!

  • Say goodbye to comparing spreadsheets to identify changes. This new view will surface all changes related to payroll that occurred during a defined period of time—right on the screen. You’ll see a high-level summary of relevant changes, and can dive deeper into details and specifics as needed, including the new and original amounts, and when the changes take effect.


  • And don’t worry, there’s no need to sift through a bunch of noise to get to what you’re looking for. Maxwell does this for you, highlighting only scenarios where the employee’s payroll-relevant product or employee information has been updated. You can also filter the results by the pay frequency and the type of information you want to see.


  • Download the view as a changes-only payroll file, which will help streamline the transfer of information over to your payroll provider. No matter what provider you use, this standardized format will provide everything you need to update their system. Plus you can save the files you’ve downloaded right in Maxwell to access for historical reference if needed.


  • We’re also adding employer and employee per pay period amounts to our Change Report so you can view this information together with all (not just payroll-related) demographic and benefit changes. Learn more about Change Report >
    • Based on customer feedback, we're also updating the Change Report on March 5 so that it does not show a termination row for a product that has expired naturally at the end of a plan year. We have received feedback that seeing this information at the end of the plan year was not helpful. The report will continue to display a termination row if the employee actively waives the product for the new plan year.

>>Learn more about the View Payroll Changes screen on the Resource Center

Note: When this functionality is released on March 5, you’ll be able to view payroll changes and per pay period amounts on the Change Report for changes that happened on or after 2/26/2018.

Customize and run the standard enrolled cost report in the new reporting view

We know there are times when you don’t want to see only payroll changes. That’s why on March 5, we’re transitioning our enrolled cost report over to the new reporting interface. Like our other new reports, you’ll be able to save any personalized column and filter configurations as a custom report in the main Reports Library.


>>Want to learn more about reporting? Sign up for an upcoming instructor-led session!

Redesigned payroll calendar

A new payroll section would not be complete without a redesigned, intuitive payroll calendar where you can enter and update your payroll schedule accurately and with ease. 

  • Starting March 5, just enter the first pay dates to get you started, and Maxwell will generate the payroll schedule based on the information you provided. You can always click directly on the calendar to make any adjustments as needed.


  • This new calendar is smarter than ever and will alert you if you haven’t entered enough pay dates to cover the entire plan year for your financial benefits.


    • Note: any existing pay dates you’ve entered into Maxwell will be transferred over to the new payroll calendar. Because the new payroll calendar has smart validation, it may warn you that you don’t have the expected amount of pay dates entered based on your pay frequency and financial benefit plan year. That’s ok! You can choose to update it, or leave as is.

>>Learn more about the new payroll calendar on the Resource Center

Announcing: ADP Workforce Now integration coming May 2018

Coming your way in May 2018: an API integration with ADP Workforce Now that seamlessly syncs benefit deductions over to ADP—the most-used payroll provider in the US.

With the Maxwell/ADP integration, you can expect:

  • To be “hands-off” when it comes to getting payroll deductions and associated product information over directly to ADP. Data will sync automatically and reliably in near real-time as changes are made in Maxwell.
  • The ability to map employees to ADP (and to block any who you don’t want to sync), as well as to control the mapping of product deduction codes
  • An interactive integration dashboard right in the HR experience that will provide a clear visualization of the employees and products connected with ADP, as well as real-time transmission activity.
  • And more! Stay tuned for more information on this exciting integration. 

Easily Keep Track of COBRA Events

When an employee leaves your company, you have enough to think about. Most importantly, you want to make sure you’re hiring for the vacant position, scheduling an exit interview, and meeting with team members about the workload transition. What you don’t have a lot of time for? Making sure the administrative COBRA work gets handled. Luckily, Maxwell’s new COBRA event workflow and event report is here to help.

See it in action

How it works

  • Track COBRA-eligible events through the employee’s profile (for events like dependent age off and divorce) and a redesigned workflow (for terminations). For terminations, you’ll be prompted right on the screen so you’ll never forget!


  • Download a report that pulls a list of all employees and dependents who became eligible for COBRA coverage due to a qualifying event during a defined period of time. Send that information over to your COBRA administrator and be on your way!


>>Learn more about managing COBRA eligibility events in Maxwell on the Resource Center

Announcing: Discovery Benefits COBRA integration coming May 2018

As you know, we have been partnered with Discovery Benefits for some time as a preferred partner in our Marketplace. Starting in May, we’ll be delivering an integration solution that will allow you to put COBRA on autopilot, similar to how our other account-based products are today with Discovery Benefits. This data connection will automatically notify Discovery of any COBRA qualifying events in a format that meets their exact requirements. No report download required! The integration will also notify Discovery of any new enrollees added to Maxwell, so you can rest assured they know to send out those COBRA initial notices.

Stay tuned: more COBRA announcements to come in the next few months! 

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