About the ADP Workforce Now 180° API Integration


We've recently enhanced our API integration with ADP! We now have a 360° bi-directional API.

Please Note:  This 180° API integration is no longer available for new group setup on Maxwell.

If you are interested in setting up a payroll integration with ADP, you can learn more About the ADP Workforce Now 360° API Integration here >>


Maxwell’s 180° API integration with ADP Workforce Now automatically sends benefit deductions over to ADP in real-time as they are updated in Maxwell Health. 

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Quick video overview

This three-minute video will give you a high-level overview of the Maxwell/ADP API integration:


The ADP 180° API integration costs $1 per employee that has an active payroll deduction per month. ADP will bill the employer on a monthly basis. 

About the integration

This integration with ADP Workforce Now automatically sends benefit deductions over to ADP in real-time as they are updated in Maxwell Health.

  • Once employees are matched between portals and the integration is live, benefit deductions will be started, changed, or stopped in ADP based on the enrollment information in Maxwell compared to the information in ADP.
  • Going forward, when a benefit deduction change happens in Maxwell, it will sync over to ADP in less than one hour.

For more details on integration activity, check out this article about how the integration works.

Not supported by the integration

The following is not supported:

  • Syncing demographic information or work events such as new hires, salary changes or terminations.
  • Manual or one-time adjustments, such as prorating the employee’s contribution for a partial pay period or catching up and doubling the contributions for a missed pay period and not supported in Maxwell (and therefore the integration). Maxwell handles recurring deductions, as in the same amount for each paycheck. You’ll make these types of adjustments in the ADP system after the recurring deduction is synced over from Maxwell. Learn more about per pay period amounts in Maxwell >
  • Scheduling future effective deductions. While Maxwell allows enrollments with a future effective/change/termination date to be entered into the system, these starts/changes/stops will not be sent over to ADP until the date the deduction update becomes effective (the product effective date in Maxwell).

Canceling the integration

If you’d like to cancel the integration, log into ADP Workforce Now and go the Maxwell Health App to cancel. This action will notify the Maxwell system and the ADP integration will be disabled and removed from your Maxwell account. 

Additionally, you can explicitly revoke your consent for Maxwell to transmit data with ADP here


If you have a question about the API Integration functionality, setup, billing, or your employer’s sync, please contact Maxwell Customer Support at support@maxwellhealth.com.

If you have a question about ADP Workforce Now functionality or product offering, contact your ADP representative or visit their site.

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