Maxwell Product Update: June 27, 2018

We know that administering payroll and COBRA is not part of your core business, and you don’t have all day to spend on these tasks. That’s why we’ve continued to automate the tedious process of keeping the information in your payroll and COBRA systems accurate and up to date.

We recently released tools that focused on improving the way you enter and extract payroll and COBRA information out of Maxwell. With today’s release, we added to that foundation with a new deduction code mapping experience. We've also now eliminated the next step in your process: getting this information over to administrators. With our ADP Workforce Now API Integration and Accrue Solutions COBRA integration, you can stop worrying that you’ll forget to update the administrator’s system. We’ll take care of that for you!

With these updates, we hope you can get back to doing the things you actually want to be doing. All while gaining peace of mind knowing the information in those systems is reliable and accurate!

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Work Smarter with Maxwell’s API Integration with ADP Workforce Now

If your company uses both Maxwell Health and ADP Workforce Now, you’ve already gained efficiency in how you administer your benefits and payroll. With our new ADP Workforce Now API integration, your team will unlock a whole new level of productivity. Having this integration means you’ll no longer need to worry about keeping your benefit deductions in sync between the two systems. 

See it in action 

Why you’ll love the integration

  • Gone are the days of manually entering deductions! The integration runs continuously in the background. Benefit deduction changes are automatically synced over to ADP as they happen in real time.

  • Setting up the integration is self-service and straightforward. A few steps and you'll be off and running! Here’s a quick overview:
    • Step One: Generate an Activation Code in Maxwell on the new “Payroll Integration” menu.

    • Step Two: Head to the ADP Marketplace, where you’ll add the Maxwell app and enter the Activation Code you generated.

    • Step Three: Return to Maxwell to map employees between the two systems, making sure everyone lines up 1:1. Maxwell will automatically suggest matches based on key demographics. All you have to do is confirm the mappings are correct by connecting the employee records. You’ll also have the ability to leave some employees disconnected if needed.

    • Step Four: Map the product deduction codes from ADP to each of your benefits in Maxwell (see more on this feature below!).

    • Step Five: Run a discrepancy report to identify any current mismatches in deduction amounts between the two systems. That way, you’ll know everything’s all set before turning on the integration.

    • Step Six: Click Begin Sync and sit back and relax! We’ve got this. Your deduction data will now automatically start sending to ADP.

  • Once the integration is running, you’ll have full transparency into all the activity through a sync log. Here, you can start at the employee level and dive deeper into deduction-level details on the exact change made in ADP. You’ll also be able to differentiate between new deductions, deductions that are ending, and changes.


The ADP API integration costs $2 per connected employee per month. This is the standard fee that ADP charges. Maxwell will bill the employer on a monthly basis.


  • Employers can continue to use our ADP Workforce Now Compatible Payroll Report at no extra charge. If your company is currently using this report and would like to move to the API integration, please let us know by filling out this form!
  • The Payroll Integration and Deduction Codes views are available to Master Administrators only.

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Streamline Your Payroll Process With Deduction Code Mapping

Keeping your payroll system up to date with accurate information just got much easier with the new deduction code mapping view. Here, you can map the deduction codes from your payroll system to each of your benefits in Maxwell. These codes will display on enrolled cost reports, and the payroll changes view, even if you don't have a payroll integration or compatible payroll report set up in Maxwell!

How it works

You’ll set up deduction codes on a per product basis. You’ll click on the product and add the deduction code in, simple as that! You can also override the deduction code on a more granular level to have separate deduction codes within the product. You can base these overrides on the employee's state, coverage level, and eligibility group.



  • The Deduction Codes view is available to Master Administrators only.
  • Maxwell will continue to collect deduction codes through the implementation process when adding the Paylocity Integration, Paychex Flex Enterprise Compatible Payroll Report, or the ADP Workforce Now Compatible Payroll Report to portals. Also, the Deduction Codes view is not available to employers with these data connections. Editing the deduction codes will disrupt the integration/report. Deduction codes set up by Maxwell will still appear on cost reports and in the payroll changes view.
  • There are complex deduction code overrides that we cannot support today with this view:
    • Override any product by a custom field in Maxwell
    • Override a commuter product with a separate deduction code for biking, parking, and transit amounts
    • Override a voluntary product with a different deduction code for the insured individual: employee, spouse, or child
    • We will continue to support these overrides for the Paylocity integration and the ADP Workforce Now and Paychex Flex Enterprise Compatible Payroll Reports

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Introducing our COBRA Integration With Accrue Solutions

If you're like most HR professionals, administrative COBRA work has made its way to the back of your mind after everything else. You know it's critical to get former employees and other qualified individuals the coverage information they need. But it’s never been easy—until now.

Adding to our list of Maxwell Marketplace COBRA preferred partners, we’re now integrated with Accrue Solutions COBRA Management Services! With this integration, our system will automatically send information to Accrue about employees (and covered dependents). This includes those who have newly enrolled in a COBRA-eligible plan, and those who have experienced a COBRA qualifying event. So you can say goodbye to manually entering information into your Accrue employer portal. Sit back, relax, and let our integration take care of that for you!

Integration Details

Our system will automatically send two files over to Accrue on a weekly basis.

  • The Initial Enrollee File will include all newly eligible employees (and covered dependents) who have enrolled in medical, dental, vision, or financial products. This will let Accrue know to send the initial general rights notice to inform employees and covered dependents of their COBRA rights if they ever terminate from the plan.
  • The Qualifying Event File will include all employees and/or dependents with new COBRA qualifying events, and their associated product/demographic information. To be included on the file, you’ll mark the employee COBRA-eligible due to a qualifying event in Maxwell. This will trigger the information to send over to Accrue, and they’ll take care of the rest! 

Once your integration is set up, you’ll rest easy knowing you’re on top of your COBRA obligations without having to sacrifice your time or sanity!

About Accrue Solutions

Accrue is a leading employee benefits administrator, well-known for specializing in exceptional service and offering a variety of products that are designed to help employers meet the challenges of a rapidly changing workforce. With a professional staff of specialists, Accrue offers consulting services relating to ERISA compliance, COBRA administration, Flexible Spending Account administration, Health Reimbursement Arrangement administration, Retiree Billing and Health Savings Account administration. Accrue also offers 5500 filing and ERISA Documents, POP, and WRAP Documents.

When it comes to easing the headache of COBRA administration for clients, Accrue knows what they’re doing. They handle everything, including sending critical notices to employees and covered family members, managing the enrollment of any qualified beneficiaries who decide to continue coverage, coordinating enrollments (and any changes/terminations) with insurance carriers, and assuming responsibility for COBRA compliance. They also have a web portal where brokers and employers can access information about beneficiaries and download reports. Learn more about Accrue Solutions and their COBRA offering on our blog!

When you sign up for Accrue Solutions COBRA administration through the Maxwell Marketplace, you’ll receive both the Accrue COBRA administration services as well as the integration with Maxwell for $1 per COBRA eligible employee per month. There’s no monthly minimum cost or setup/renewal fee. Please note that some extra services beyond the standard offering are available for an additional charge.
Getting Set up With Accrue + Maxwell
  • If you’re already an Accrue COBRA administrator customer, but not through the Maxwell Marketplace, talk to your Advisor about getting this set up with Maxwell. That way, you can take advantage of the integration.
  • Not a current Accrue COBRA customer, but interested in becoming one? Great! Let your Advisor know that you’re interested, and they’ll fill you in on next steps.
  • Please note that for any initial requests that come in, it may take us a few weeks to set up the integration. Accrue is a new Marketplace partner and we expect many requests will come in at once. After your Advisor submits the request, we’ll be in touch with them on a more specific timeline.

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Even more good news!

Check out some other small, but mighty features that were recently released:

    • Improved the process of making changes to financial product contributions midyear.
      Going forward as of today, when an employee goes to change their annual contribution amount (also know as a goal amount) midyear, their year-to-date contributions are displayed and taken into account. This prevents them from contributing over the maximum amount for the calendar year. This new view also now shows the amount needed to reach their annual goal and the number of remaining pay periods.

      The “Mid-Year Section 125 Election Change” change reason has also been renamed to the more apt “Change to Account Contribution.” This is also now available to the employee so they don’t need to use the “There is a mistake with my information” change reason to request a change to their account contribution.

    • Added new fields to reports so you can get the data you need.
      Now display “Tax Status” as a field on the Enrolled Cost Report. This field will display either pre-tax or post-tax, based on how the product was set up by your Advisor.

      Now include “Member Age” as an option that displays on the Demographic Census Report and all Coverage Reports. This should help quickly identify any dependents who are no longer eligible for the product due to their age (for example).

    • More visibility into enrolled product information in the employee's profile.

      Based on your feedback, the employee's enrolled products in the Administrator view now display more information upfront so you can view it right away versus having to run a report. See below!

      Short- and long-term disability products now display coverage amounts.

      Commuter products now display the break out of transit, parking, and biking contribution amounts.

      Enrolled products now display employee factors that determine rates, if applicable. The following options will display: Spousal Surcharge, Employee Smoking, Spouse Smoking, Employee Wellness, and Spouse Wellness.

    • ACA data extract will display 2018 product data beginning July 1, 2018.
      Believe it or not, it’s never too early to start preparing for ACA end-of-year reporting! For those who want to get a head start on 2018 ACA reporting, the ACA data extract in Maxwell will soon be updated to reflect 2018 product data. If you haven’t used the extract yet, it returns a row for each enrolled or waived medical product per employee and their covered dependents. Now, the only medical products that will show on the extract have a start date and/or end date within the year 2018, rather than 2017. Learn more about managing ACA in Maxwell here >

Thanks for reading! As always, we welcome your suggestions, questions, feedback. Even random thoughts :) We want to hear from you. Drop us a note at

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