Maxwell Product Update: August 30, 2018

As we enter the fall season, it’s natural for HR professionals to feel a mixture of excitement and anxiety leading up to your company's open enrollment. Open enrollment is a big undertaking, but it's also an excellent opportunity for you to shine and be there for your employees.

At Maxwell, we strive to make the logistics of open enrollment as easy as possible. That way, you can focus your energy on helping your people navigate benefits decisions that will significantly impact their lives. With that in mind, we've listened to your feedback and made it easier for you to track enrollment progress and close out your open enrollment. So you can feel a little less anxious and a bit more excited about the fall this year.

Did you miss our webinar on September 13th? No worries! You can watch it on demand now at your convenience. This session covers everything you need to know about these features and how they can help you during open enrollment and beyond!
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New and improved enrollment progress dashboard

Tracking enrollment progress just got a whole lot easier. With this new, intuitive design, you’ll log into Maxwell and immediately know exactly how your employees are progressing through their benefits enrollment from login to checkout.

Why you’ll love the new enrollment dashboard:

  • Based on your feedback, we’ve changed the logic of the dashboard to be based on employees’ actions, rather than the status of their products. Now, you’ll be confident where each employee is in their enrollment journey.

    What each stage means:
    • Employees Not Started: These employees haven’t logged in since open enrollment began
    • Employees in Progress: These employees have logged in, but they haven’t finished selecting their benefits
    • Employees Completed: These employees selected their benefits and checked out. Yay!

  • New guidance on the dashboard lets you know when you should end your open enrollment based on whether it’s active, passive or a mix of both

  • Quickly access a list of employees in each stage and see relevant details based on the stage they’re in

  • Send targeted communication to employees with a prepared sample template loaded and ready to go. Have specific employees who shouldn’t receive the email? No worries! Just deselect them from the list.

  • During open enrollment, the dashboard also gives you immediate visibility into what enrollment forms need to be completed (by you or the employee). All forms listed here are enrollment forms that have been set up to send to employees automatically for the products included in this OE.

    What each stage means:
    • Forms with Employees: These forms have been sent to employees and are waiting for their signature
    • Forms that Need Approval: The HR administrator needs to take action to either approve or sign these forms
    • Completed Forms: These forms have been signed or approved by all parties

      You can also access a list of forms in each stage and see relevant details, as well as easily remind employees to finish any that are outstanding.
  • Enhancements to the enrollment progress dashboard will also apply year-round to new hires and change events! You'll be able to better track enrollment and form progress throughout the year for employees who are selecting or making changes to their benefits outside of open enrollment. If you have both an open enrollment and new hire/change events going on, you can toggle between both so it’s clear why each employee is shopping.

The improved dashboard will be live in your Maxwell portal on September 13th. Get all the details about the redesigned dashboard in this Resource Center article > 

Say goodbye to the manual effort of processing elections when you end open enrollment!

Closing out open enrollment in Maxwell has never been so easy! Here's why:

  • Now, when you end your open enrollment, elections will process in Maxwell automatically! That means you’ll no longer need to use the Bulk Process tool to close out OE! (Note: the tool will still be available to process elections in bulk outside of open enrollment).

  • Once you’ve ended open enrollment and elections have been processed, relevant reports and guidance will immediately surface, so you know what to do next. This includes a new report streamlined to list only voluntary elections that are pending evidence of insurability approval with the carrier.

These improvements will be in your Maxwell portal on September 13th.

More improvements coming down the pipe

Automated administration of late entry for voluntary benefits

Late entry rules (sometimes known as late entry penalties) are a standard way for carriers to manage risk on voluntary products. Late entry rules state that if an employee or spouse declines to enroll in a voluntary product when it’s first offered, then they should not be able to enroll in the future without submitting evidence of insurability (which is usually done by completing a form). These rules also state that employees and spouses should submit evidence of insurability if they have existing coverage and choose to increase that coverage.

Starting on September 6th, by automatically requiring evidence of insurability when these instances occur, the Maxwell platform will handle late entry in a smarter, more automated way that will require less manual administration on your part. Read this article for the essential elements of how evidence of insurability and late entry will work in Maxwell.

Also on September 6th, employees with existing coverage will view their amount as “pre-approved”, even if it’s above the plan’s guaranteed issue. This means that you won’t need to process evidence of insurability for these individuals if they re-enroll in their existing amount.

Please note that if your company will be in open enrollment on September 6th, the automated late entry functionality will not be available until you’ve ended your open enrollment in Maxwell. This will prevent any confusion that could occur with having the functionality automated for some of the elections during OE, but not all of them. Please reach out to your Advisor if you have any questions or would like to adjust your open enrollment timing.

Ability to archive forms your company isn’t currently using

Starting in October (exact date to be determined), you’ll be able to declutter the “Manage Forms” area by archiving the forms you’re no longer using or haven’t started using yet. With the click of the button, you can archive the form, which will hide it in a consolidated “Archived Forms” section. You’ll still be able to view and download all the individual versions of the form that were signed by employees, and restore the form at any time if you need to. 

What else we've been up to

We know you’re busy, so here’s a quick recap of some product updates and sessions you may have missed in the past few months!

Did you catch our Open Enrollment Season Kickoff webinar?

A few weeks ago, Kaylie Bryslawskyj hosted a killer session on how to prepare for a smooth open enrollment. If you haven’t joined the hundreds of other HR professionals who have already watched this session, now’s the time! Watch the recording here.

Are you an ADP Workforce Now payroll customer, or looking for a COBRA administration solution?


Back in June, we released an API integration with ADP Workforce Now that will significantly streamline your payroll process by syncing benefit deduction changes from Maxwell over to ADP as they happen in real time. We also introduced two new COBRA integrations with Discovery Benefits and Accrue Solutions. See everything you need to know about these integrations in the June 27th product update.

Did you notice? The Open Enrollment Summary page now displays who ended the open enrollment.


Thanks for reading! As always, we welcome your suggestions, questions, feedback. Even random thoughts :) We want to hear from you. Drop us a note at

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