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Find Solutions Right When You Need Them

When you have a question about using Maxwell, you want answers—fast.  We get it! That’s why we’ve embedded our Administrator Resource Center content where you’re most likely to look for help: in the “Get Help” section of Maxwell! Find solutions, tips, and more with a single click.

With this feature:

  • Problems get solved faster with the right context. The list of suggested Resource Center articles updates based on the page you’re on.


  • Beyond the suggested articles, all content is accessible with a quick search. Once you’ve found the article you’re looking for, check out a quick preview or view it on the Resource Center in a new tab.


  • We know it’s impossible to address every question or concern using the Resource Center. If you need additional guidance, our Customer Support team is ready to help! Just click "Contact Us" if you can't find what you're looking for. You can leave us a message or reach out to us by phone, and one of our awesome representatives will respond to you as soon as possible!


Thanks for reading! As always, we welcome your suggestions, questions, feedback. Even random thoughts :) We want to hear from you. Drop us a note at

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