Maxwell Product Update: March 13, 2019

In 2018, we focused on easing the burden of administering benefits. While we’ll continue to deliver improvements in this area—we’re currently working on a redesigned life event workflow and a simpler way to edit employee coverage—we know it’s just as (maybe even more!) important to you that your employees can easily and successfully enroll in their benefits using Maxwell.

That’s why we’re releasing a series of improvements that will make your employees more satisfied with their enrollment experience, more knowledgeable about their benefits, and less likely to need your assistance through the process!

Today, we’ve released the first enhancement of the series with a redesign of the review and confirmation screens to help employees feel confident understanding and submitting their enrollment. Let’s dive right in!

As to not disturb your open enrollment experience, these improvements were not turned on for employers who are currently in open enrollment. They’ll be turned on automatically once you end open enrollment in Maxwell!

 A clearer path to submit enrollment

  • We know that sometimes employees were confused as to when they were “done” selecting their benefits in Maxwell. We found that employees only need one review screen before submitting their enrollment, so they’ll now go straight to a final review screen when they’re done shopping.


  • A new indicator at the top of the review screen allows employees to see how many days they have left to shop.

  • The new confirmation screen makes it clear to the employee that their enrollment has been submitted and prompts them to sign any required forms. If they log out before signing the forms, they’ll be redirected to this page once they log back in. That way, they’ll clearly see they still need to take that action.

Helping employees better understand their benefit choices

Benefit offerings need to be presented in a way that doesn’t feel like information overload. With our redesign of the final review and confirmation screens, employees will better understand what they signed up for and feel more confident clicking “submit.”

  • Maxwell now surfaces only the most important information using clear language that makes sense to the employee. For example, the screens now display which individuals are covered using the simple phrase “who’s covered.”

  • New, friendly guidance provides a heads-up on any important details before the employee submits their enrollment.

  • The new review page shows employees what they chose not to enroll in and makes it easy to jump back to those benefits if they want to reconsider before submitting. For open enrollments and new hire events, this section includes benefit types the employee actively waived, as well as those they simply chose not to interact with. This means employees can’t submit their enrollment without viewing each benefit that your company has offered! This section will also be visible on the printable benefits summary.

  • A simplified total cost display emphasizes the employee’s cost per pay period and highlights the employer contribution as a percentage of savings, so employees better understand the investment your company is making in their health and well-being.


Bonus: easier reporting on offered benefits

Now that employees are clearly presented with each benefit they were offered, we’ve updated the platform logic to consider benefits that employees chose not to enroll in as “waivers” on the administrative side. Before, benefits that the employee did not interact with (meaning they did not explicitly select “waive” on the individual product or “I Don’t Want ______  Insurance” for medical, dental, and vision benefit types) were not recorded as “waivers.” They were simply left in a shopping status of “open” and were automatically “closed” when the shopping period ended. These benefits will now be in a shopping status of “confirmed to waive” and when processed, they’ll display as “waived” on reports. This will simplify reporting and allow you to see a full picture of what the employee was offered.

This change will be effective for any benefits that an employee does not enroll in after this functionality was turned on for your employer. For most of you, that’s today (March 13), but if you are currently in open enrollment, that will be on the day you end your OE.


  • Benefits will still be left in a shopping status of “open” and will not be marked as “confirmed to waive” if the employee enrolls in a different benefit within the same benefit type. For example, if an employee enrolls in a medical HMO, the medical PPO and medical HDHP will remain “open” and not “waived.” This prevents misinterpretation that the employee waived medical.
  • Benefits opened as part of a life event will be left in a status of “open” and will not be marked as “confirmed to waive” if an employee submits their enrollment without interacting with it. This prevents confusion with the benefits the employee is currently enrolled in. Improvements to the way employees review benefits during a life event are coming in the next few months. Stay tuned!

What’s next for the employee experience?

  • Soon, we’re releasing a benefits homepage experience that surfaces information employees need to know and actions they should take next. As soon as they log into Maxwell, they’ll be greeted with everything they need right up front.

  • Improvements are also coming to the mobile app! Look forward to a better performing rewards program and a cleaner presentation of benefits. Employees will also be able to log in using Face ID and Touch ID.

  • Later this year, new shopping navigation will make it even easier for employees to interact with all their offered benefits. Stay tuned!

Live Q&A workshop with the Maxwell team!

This month, our Product Specialist team is excited to focus our live workshop time on any questions you have on the redesigned employee review and confirmation screens! Join us for our next session on Wednesday, March 27, 2019 at 12 noon ET to get all your questions answered. Sign up today!

That’s it!

With these enhancements, we’re confident that your employees will find their benefits enrollment experience more helpful and straightforward. Let us know what you and your employees think! Shoot us a note to

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