Maxwell Product Update: April 29, 2019

Since the release of the redesigned employee review and confirmation screens, we’ve been busy with further improvements that will enable employees to feel even more confident shopping for their benefits and understanding their enrollment. Let’s dive right in!


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Enhanced shopping navigation and new benefits home page

With the new shopping experience, employees will be sure to consider all the benefits being offered, with options clearly organized by type right from the start, and the ability to navigate from one benefit to the next. Here’s what to expect:

  • Employees will feel comfortable as soon as they enter the shopping experience, thanks to a welcome screen that lets them know it's time to choose their benefits.

    Employees who are new hires or in annual open enrollment will see this screen after they finish entering their dependent information.

    If you’ve allowed an employee to shop for benefits due to their life event, they’ll see a message over a view of their current benefits.

  • After they click Shop for Benefits, employees will be brought to a new benefits cart, where they’ll see all their options clearly organized by specific type. Any preselected benefits will display in the cart with a note as to why they’re there.

  • Employees will review their options for each type of benefit. If multiple plans are offered within the type, they’ll see all the options laid out, and can explore from there. If only one plan is offered, they’ll go directly into that plan’s details.


  • Once the employee decides to add or waive a benefit, they’ll see a quick message letting them know that their decision was saved. They can then return to the cart to check on their progress and recurring cost so far, or continue on to the next benefit.


  • Throughout the experience, they’ll clearly see how many days they have left to shop. And when they’re ready to proceed to checkout, they’ll go straight into the existing review screen where they can review their selections, including all the benefits they chose not to enroll in (with an easy way to jump back to those benefits if they want to reconsider!).


We know it’s important to you that employees understand their coverage beyond their enrollment period. With the new benefits home page, employees can find relevant benefits information right away throughout the year—no paper required. Here’s why you and your employees will love it:

  • Employees can effortlessly look up their benefits details with one screen that has everything they need. As soon as they log in, they’ll see the benefits that are relevant to where they are in the process. For example, employees in annual open enrollment with pending benefits will see their “Pending Benefits” first. Plus, they’ll see a message confirming their submission and reminding them of any enrollment forms they have left to sign!

  • Guidance throughout the page tells employees what benefits are still pending approval, and when they can start using their benefits that have been approved but are effective in the future.

  • When employees need to dive into the details, a cleaner design helps them find the plan information they need right away.


  • If employees have any forms left to sign, they’ll be prompted right on the home page, so they’ll get it done faster. And if they need to request a change to their benefits, they won’t wonder how to do it, as that option is now available front and center.


The enhanced shopping navigation and benefits home page will go live on Monday, May 6, unless your company is within an annual open enrollment period that day. If so, we'll make the improvements available right away, once you end your open enrollment. An updated shopping guide is now available in the Employee Help Center.

What’s next for the employee experience?

By this summer, we plan to release even more improvements to further help employees navigate through the shopping experience. We also plan to deliver a redesigned “My Profile” screen that will allow the employee to easily view their personal and dependent information.

Redesigned mobile app

Looking up benefits information shouldn’t be difficult for employees. With the Maxwell mobile app for iPhone and Android, employees have always enjoyed the convenience of having their benefits information easily accessible. With this new redesign, they’ll be sure to find what they need, even faster than before.

What's changed:

  • Enrolled benefits are presented in a clean, modern way that’s consistent with how they appear on the new home page. Plus, this now includes any benefits that are pending approval or are effective in the future!

  • Employees can now log in to the app using Face ID and Touch ID; they no longer need to commit their password to memory. And if they forget that password? No problem. They can now request to reset their password straight from the login screen.
  • If you’ve set up rewards through Maxwell, the functionality in the mobile app has been completely replatformed to ensure better performance and allow for the following improvements:
    • Your employees can now participate even if they don't have a Fitbit device! Steps can be tracked through the Apple Health and Google Fit apps already installed on their phones.
    • The way coins are calculated has now been simplified (learn more on the Resource Center), and employees are better guided on how to redeem those coins for rewards.
  • We’ve also updated the “Help” page to match the new “Help” screen in the web app. On this page, we refer employees to our Employee Help Center where they can quickly get questions answered about the Maxwell platform. We also have Maxwell Customer Support contact information listed, in addition to the main contact that you’ve set up.

These improvements will go live on Monday, May 6 for all employees. The next time they go to use the app on or after May 6, they'll be prompted to update it to the latest version. Head to the Employee Help Center for an updated version of the mobile app step-by-step guide!


If you offer Health Advocate to employees through the Maxwell Marketplace: You should be aware that the new version of the mobile app does not include the ability to contact Health Advocate through the Maxwell mobile app. There are no changes to their Health Advocate service, and the Health Advocate benefits card will continue to display in the app, so employees will know they have that service available to them. Employees should continue to contact Health Advocate via phone (855-207-3774), email (, or through Health Advocate’s own mobile app.

Bonus: easier EOI administration!

We've been hard at work on a redesigned life event workflow and simpler way to edit employee coverage. We couldn't be more excited to let you know that we plan to deliver these improvements next month! Stay tuned for more information on that.

But there's one aspect of these improvements that we didn't want to wait for. Starting today, approving or denying coverage pending evidence of insurability (EOI) will be much easier. Going forward, you’ll no longer see a separate product (with “EOI” in the name) created when managing pending amounts that require EOI!

Here are the details:

  • After processing the pre-approved amounts, the total requested amount will stay pending on the voluntary plan under the employee’s “Eligible Products” tab. (The already processed pre-approved amount will continue to display on the voluntary plan under the “Enrolled Products” tab.)

    Example of the voluntary plan on the “Eligible Products” tab after pre-approved amounts are processed

  • When you’ve received the carrier’s decision, you’ll go to the voluntary plan under the “Eligible Products” tab to either approve or deny the pending coverage.

    Approve all pending coverage

  • Approved amounts will display on a new enrollment for the same voluntary plan under “Enrolled Products” (and will no longer display on a separate enrolled “EOI product”).

This change is live today! Going forward, you’ll process any coverage that is pending EOI using these new steps. A few notes:

  • You’ll be able to use this new process for any voluntary plans that were in your portal pending EOI when we went live on April 29, 2019. As a result, you’ll see those plans listed as “adds” on a Change Report if you include April 28, 2019, in the date range. You can ignore these rows, as they’re listed due to the data migration.
  • We did not change the way that existing enrollments in coverage that required EOI (before we went live with this change on April 29, 2019) are displayed in your portal. That coverage will continue to display as a separate “EOI product” on the “Enrolled Products” tab of the employee’s profile and in reports.

We're confident that you'll find this new process to be more straightforward, and you can learn even more about it on the Resource Center. But we do want you to know that this improvement is a stepping stone to greater things to come (soon!). If you don't plan to administer EOI over the next few weeks, look out for our next announcement in May!

That's it!

With these enhancements, we’re confident that your employees will find their Maxwell experience to be more helpful and easier to navigate. Let us know what you and your employees think! Shoot us a note to

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