Maxwell Product Update: July 23, 2019

Today, we’re releasing a handful of updates and new features that will make enrolling in benefits more straightforward for employees and administering benefits easier for you. Let’s dive in!

Employee Enrollment Made Even Easier

Navigating coverage options can be overwhelming for employees. The experience they use to make such an important financial decision needs to be simple and helpful. That’s why we’ve further enhanced the new shopping experience released this past spring to allow employees to move even more smoothly from one benefit to the next. Starting today, employees will see a clearer confirmation after they take action, with helpful cost information highlighted every step of the way. You can rest assured that employees will consider all the benefits being offered, and feel confident throughout the experience.


This improvement is now available in your Maxwell portal unless your company is within an annual open enrollment period. If so, we'll make the improvement available right away, once you end your open enrollment.

New Coverage Termination Rules

You and your team have enough to do when an employee leaves the company; you shouldn't have to spend time looking up when benefits coverage ends and worry about making a mistake. With new termination rules, the date that coverage ends will be configured by your Advisor with information from the carrier’s policy. Coverage either ends on the employee’s date of termination, or the end of the month following. Form there, whenever an employee is terminated, the system will automatically populate the date of termination for each benefit. Learn more in our article on how to terminate an employee.


If you recently went through open enrollment, or are going through open enrollment now, we'll reach out to your Advisor to collect this information and set it up in your portal.

Payroll Updates 

  • API integration with ADP is now only $1 per connected employee per month! If you use ADP Workforce Now for payroll, you're that much closer to simplifying your benefit deductions process! Getting started with the integration is easy, self-service, and free (there’s no setup fee!). Learn more in our article about the integration.

  • Important update if you use the Paylocity integration file, Paychex Flex Enterprise Compatible Payroll Report, or ADP Workforce Now Compatible Payroll Report: We heard your feedback from the last update this past winter, and are broadening the scope of enrollments captured on the files. By broadening the scope, we can ensure that any employees who are shopping due to a new hire or life event are included in the file if they take the full 30 days to shop for or update their benefits.
    Starting on August 2, the files will include enrollments that are newly effective, updated, or end 31 calendar days prior to the sync/download date. This will no longer depend on the payroll frequency. They will also include enrollments effective 10 calendar days after the sync/download date.
    Example scenario:
    Employer ABC has a biweekly payroll frequency with pay dates on 8/9 and 8/23.
    The integration syncs (or you download the file) on 8/22, one day before the 8/23 pay date.
    The file will now include enrollments that are newly effective, updated, or end between 7/22 and 9/1 (31 calendar days in the past, 10 calendar days in the future).

In Case You Missed It

Small things can add up to make a big difference when it means you’ll save time administering your employees’ benefits. In case you missed it, here are a few enhancements to the new life event workflow we released in May. Thank you to everyone who submitted feedback after the release! In fact, the number of suggestions and notes received from customers like you inspired us to make it easier for you to get this information to us—see below and keep ‘em coming! 🚀

  • It’s now easier for you to tell us what's on your mind! We’ve added a “Give Feedback” link in the Administrator view where you can submit feedback directly to our product development and client experience teams. We encourage you to submit anything that you’d like to share with us and we’ll make sure to get the feedback to the right place!


  • We’ve added some flexibility around the timeframe when a life event can be created. Employees can now create a life event in Maxwell that is within 60 days in the past and 60 days in the future and Administrators can create a life event that is within 100 days in the past and 100 days in the future. We also changed how the shopping period is calculated for life events. On default, the employee now has 30 days to shop for/update benefits from the date that the life event was created in Maxwell. As always, you can adjust the shopping period, if desired. For a full break down of how life events work in Maxwell, visit this article on the Resource Center.

  • The event bar on the employee’s profile in the Administrator view now displays more information about the shopping period and how to change it for employees who haven’t started shopping or are in progress.


  • We know that sometimes you need to quickly view and edit the effective dates of benefits during an event. You can now do that for many benefit types at once! See below. (You’ll also see that some of the language and design elements have been updated to be more user-friendly 😊.)


So—What's Next?

Join us on Tuesday, August 13, at 1 PM ET to find out! We’re hosting a webinar focused on what's new and what's next for the Maxwell platform. We'll use the hour to:

✅ Recap the updates released over the past few months
✅ Give you a sneak peek at more updates coming out soon
✅ Talk about what we're researching for the long-term

Have a burning question on how best to use Maxwell? If so, then you’ll love our next Q&A workshop tomorrow, 7/24 at 12 pm ET where we can answer your question live! Whether you submit your question beforehand, come ready to ask it during the session, or just want to listen to what other Administrators are asking— we’ve got you!

Thanks for reading! As always, we’d love to hear your feedback!

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