Maxwell Product Update: August 27, 2019

More than ever, employees are counting on their employer to support their health and financial well-being in the form of a strong benefits package. To meet these increasing expectations—and offset rising medical expenses—employers are offering a wider variety of benefits.

On September 10, Maxwell will have new functionality to help you offer a robust benefits package. From the presentation in the employee experience to reporting changes at the end of annual open enrollment—we’ve got you covered. 

Get a deep dive into these enhancements before they go live! Sign up for our webinar on Wednesday, September 4, at 1 PM ET where we'll:

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Present Benefits Based on Value to the Employee

The Maxwell enrollment experience will group benefits by categories that will help your benefits offering look less intimidating and more inviting. Categorization alone helps improve understanding, but these categories are based on value, so employees will also connect their offered benefits to things they already care deeply about.

Why you and your employees will love it:

  • The benefits cart now automatically organizes benefit types into five categories that help employees understand the value of the benefits you’re offering them.


  • New benefit descriptions use plain language to explain each benefit at a high-level to drive an understanding of the overall purpose before the employee jumps into specific plan options and coverage details.


With this new experience, we're confident that employees will have an increased understanding of how their benefits work together to help them achieve better health and financial wellness. Read this article for more information on the benefits cart, including how the benefits are organized.

This improvement will be available in your Maxwell portal on September 10, unless your company is within an annual open enrollment period that day. In that case, we'll make this new benefits cart presentation available right away, once you end open enrollment.

New Enrollment Change Report

Offering a robust benefits package to your employees can also lead to administrative burden if you don't have the right tools available. When annual open enrollment is over, you need to ensure that any changes to coverage make it over to the various carrier systems for each offered plan.

EDI connections that send enrollment information from Maxwell to the carrier's system automatically are ideal for this purpose. Absent an EDI connection, the new Enrollment Change Report is the next best thing. The Enrollment Change Report helps you quickly identify changes employees made to their coverage during annual open enrollment.

Starting on September 10, you’ll find the new Enrollment Change Report in the Reports Library of all Maxwell portals.


Why you and your clients will love it:

  • Skip the guesswork. Just enter one date and you're good to go! The report will compare enrollments effective in the new plan year to enrollments effective the day before.


  • Limit the information to what you actually need. Narrow in on the coverage data you're looking for with advanced filtering and column selection options. This means fewer adjustments to make before uploading the report into a carrier's system. Plus, you can save your ideal filter settings as a custom report to use in the future.

    In this example, I’ve created a custom report that will only show me the employees who dropped medical coverage for the new plan year starting 9/1/2019.

  • Run it again when you need it. Corrections to elections after annual open enrollment? They happen to everyone. Download the report as much as you need to after making the inevitable post-OE updates.

  • Keep your options open. The existing Change Report (now called "System Change Report") will still be there if you need to identify demographic updates or any midyear changes based on when they were entered into Maxwell.


Check out this article for all the details on the new Enrollment Change Report.

You'll find the new Enrollment Change Report in your portal on September 10.

Redesigned Profile Screen

Work is more manageable when employees enter their demographic and dependent information into Maxwell accurately. That's why the profile screen visible to employees has a new look and feel. The redesign makes it easy for employees to enter the right information the first time and keep it updated ongoing.

A few highlights:

  • Profile and dependent information have been collapsed into one single page. Better guidance and nudges ensure all relevant information gets added, plus social security numbers are masked for increased security.


  • When an employee starts editing, they can skip adding their address multiple times with the new “same address as employee” option for dependents. They also no longer need to enter unnecessary information such as student and disabled status for spouses and domestic partners.


  • It’s now clearer to the employee what steps to take if they need to reset their password or edit their profile information throughout the year.


  • Employees can update on-the-go! The new screen is readable and editable when using their phone’s web browser.

This improvement will be available in your Maxwell portal on September 10, unless your company is within an annual open enrollment period that day. In that case, we'll make the redesigned profile available right away, once you end open enrollment.

In Case You Missed It

Thank you to the hundreds of you who have already viewed our "What's New and What's Next" platform update webinar that took place on August 13! If you haven't already, watch the webinar on-demand to get a sneak peek into more updates coming soon, including:

  • EDI connections with your financial and COBRA vendors
  • Bidirectional API integration with Paylocity
  • More employee improvements including an enhanced login and welcome flow plus improved usability when selecting coverage

Thanks for reading! As always, we’d love to hear your feedback!

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