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The Maxwell Marketplace is all about connectivity and connecting you to the solutions and partners you need to make your job easier. We partner with leading products to add value to your benefits offering and connect your employee benefits data to the systems you need to get your work done fast and efficiently.

Maxwell offers both financial (COBRA, FSA/DCA, HRA, HSA, and commuter) connectivity and lifestyle (telemedicine, ID theft, and health concierge services) add-ons. The Maxwell Marketplace provides brokers with relevant solutions to strengthen their consultative value proposition and help solidify their role as an irreplaceable resource. These are valuable products that data shows employees are asking for! 



Maxwell Health is able to connect with any financial or COBRA vendor that can accept our standard EDI file. If your clients offer financial benefits (HSA, HRA, FSA, LFSA, TSA) through Maxwell, or work with a COBRA administrator, we can set up an EDI connection that will securely and accurately send enrollment and demographic information from the Maxwell system directly to that vendor’s system. 


  • The financial files will include annual contribution amounts only and not per pay period contributions.
  • The COBRA files will consist of two files:

1.  The Initial Enrollee File will include all newly eligible employees (and covered dependents) who have elected (confirmed) medical, dental, vision, FSA, or HRA products. This will let the vendor know to send the initial general notice to inform employees and covered dependents of their COBRA rights.

2.  The Qualifying Event File will include all employees and/or dependents with new COBRA qualifying events, and their associated product and demographic information. To be included in the file, the employee must be marked COBRA-eligible due to a qualifying event in Maxwell. After the vendor receives the file, they’ll take care of the rest! Depending on the vendor, this can include sending qualified beneficiaries election notices, managing coverage elections, and offering an online account where COBRA enrollees can access information about their coverage and make payments. Of course, the vendor will also communicate all coverage information to insurance carriers, including any changes.


If the vendor has partnered with the Maxwell Marketplace, there will be no charge for connectivity. 

If the vendor is not a Maxwell Marketplace partner, there will be an EDI charge for each connection.

    • If you’re a Maxwell Health + Sun Life integrated client: $0.50 Per Eligible Per Month
    • If you’re a direct client: Type 2 EDI Pricing


For any new clients, you'll request connectivity during implementation. Reach out to the implementation team if you have any questions.

For your clients who are already on the Maxwell platform, you can request connectivity by submitting the EDI Request Form.

If your employer utilizes HealthEquity, Accrue, or Discovery Benefits please click here for connectivity requests.

The Maxwell EDI team will review your request with the vendor and as long as their file is supported, we'll be able to implement the feed within our standard 90 day turnaround time.



ACA Reporting Service and BenefitScape

ACA Compliance Data Extract

  • Maxwell’s built-in ACA tool helps Brokers and Clients meet the compliance requirements of the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) employer mandate. The employer mandate requires large employers to offer coverage to employees and their dependents. To demonstrate that they have done this and are in compliance, employers must file IRS forms on an annual basis.
  • Much of the employee data they will need to comply with the employer mandate is already stored in the Maxwell Health portal. The ACA tool in the platform allows brokers and clients access to this existing information to use for IRS reporting.
  • The Manage ACA tool provides links to information and a way to contact our ACA compliance partners: ACA Reporting Service and BenefitScape. These best-in-class firms are regulatory experts on ACA requirements and can:
  • Provide guidance and support on meeting the law's employer mandate (Section 6055 and 6056), reducing your risk of fines and fees.
  • Complete and file 1094 and 1095 forms with the IRS, and facilitate sending written statements to employees.
  • Track employee hours and attendance to ensure you're offering coverage to all eligible employees under the law.
  • ACA Overview


Accrue Solutions

FLEX Benefits & COBRA

  • Accrue is a leading employee benefits administrator, well-known for specializing in exceptional service and offering a variety of products that are designed to help employers meet the challenges of a rapidly changing workforce. 
  • Accrue has experience administering COBRA since 1997, has broker and employer online portals, and offers 3-5 business day implementation. 
  • Benefits portfolio: FSA (DCA, LP, FSA, TSA), HSA, HRA, Tuition Reimbursement, COBRA.
  • FSA product includes Medical FSA, Dependent Care, and Trans/Parking. The employer does not need to offer all 4 products but they are available to them.
  • Accrue Solutions - Marketplace Partner Overview


Discovery Benefits

FLEX Benefits & COBRA

  • Discovery Benefits is a leading provider of technology solutions in the benefits administration industry. Their proof is in the numbers—they pride themselves on providing top-notch customer service to 13,000 clients nationwide with a client retention rate that exceeds 98%. 
  • Discovery offers streamlined administrative efforts and consolidated costs.  
  • Benefits portfolio: FSA/DCA, HSA, HRA, TSA, COBRA
  • Discovery Benefits - Marketplace Partner Overview



FLEX Benefits

  • HealthEquity provides a solution to an issue of growing importance to American families: affording lifelong health care. More than two million members are paying less for health insurance, taking control of medical bills and building health savings for life with HealthEquity.
  • HealthEquity expert advisors, who are available every hour of every day, offer helpful insight to maximize savings.
  • Benefits Portfolio: HSA, HCRA, and HRA
  • HealthEquity - Marketplace Partner Overview 



At Maxwell Health, we know it’s not business-as-usual anymore in the world of benefits. More than just a library of products, lifestyle add-ons help clients supplement their benefit offerings in a unique way by providing access to affordable and convenient products that smaller groups may not have access to. Implementation is super easy, as we provide pre-built products that require little to no information-gathering upfront.

  1. Increase employee productivity through convenient products like telemedicine, ID theft protection, and healthcare concierge service.
  2. Increase employee productivity by providing access to tools that help keep them safe, happy, and healthy.
  3. Options to sponsor these nontraditional benefits or offer them as a voluntary benefit.
  4. Take advantage of preferred pricing, pre-built, fully integrated benefit products, and broker commissions.


Maxwell Health securely and accurately sends enrollment and demographic information from the Maxwell system directly to the vendor’s system. Lifestyle connectivity will be turned on prior to portal delivery. Once Open Enrollment is complete, all employees who are enrolled in the product will begin to be transmitted to the vendor. Any changes that are made to an employee’s profile in the Maxwell Health portal will be updated in the vendor’s system on the next eligibility file that is sent over.


If subscribing through the Maxwell Marketplace, there will be no charge for Lifestyle connectivity. Lifestyle products come with preferred pricing and broker commissions. 


You'll make your request for Lifestyle connectivity during implementation. 

  • Click here to view the request form.
  • Already on the platform? Click here to view the completed portal request form.

You will be prompted with a few questions. This step will initiate the setup process between Maxwell and the vendor. Remember, there is NO quoting process for our lifestyle products. They all have set pricing that we have negotiated directly with the vendor on your behalf.



ComPsych HealthChampion

Health Concierge Service 

  • The world’s largest provider of Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs), ComPsych offers support, expert resources, and information to more than 45,000 organizations covering more than 100 million individuals in 160 countries. This global reach is not only broad but flexible. ComPsych can incorporate a wide array of behavioral health, work-life, absence management, and wellness services into a customized solution for almost any product or business need. This “Build-to-Suit” approach is part of the ComPsych Difference.  Currently, Maxwell is partnering with ComPsych to offer employers the HealthChampion product.
  • HealthChampion is an on-demand 24/7 specialized service that helps employees navigate the health system or answer any benefit related questions. This allows the employee to be a more informed, effective health care consumer.
  • Services cover all employees at a company and extend to the employee’s spouse and children.
  • HealthChampion - Marketplace Partner Overview 


ID Watchdog

Identity Theft Protection

  • ID Watchdog provides world-class identity theft protection and resolution services. 
  • Online control with status alerts and an in-app Equifax credit lock feature.
  • More safeguards for children and expanded family plans. ID Watchdog is the ONLY benefits provider with online Equifax Child Credit Lock.
  • Anytime access to your credit information.
  • 24/7/365 U.S.-based Customer Care Center.
  • Fully managed identity theft resolution.
  • Practical guidance to help you better defend yourself against fraud through our consumer protection blog and newsletter.
  • ID Watchdog - Marketplace Partner Overview




  • On-demand telehealth services (via phone or video) for common issues like: abdominal pain, cough and flu symptoms, bronchitis, allergies, pink eye, urinary tract infection, skin rash, and more.
  • Connects employees and family members to physicians in minutes (less than 10-minute median response time).
  • If necessary, a prescription is sent to the employee’s pharmacy of choice.
  • Healthcare providers are board-certified and licensed in internal medicine, pediatrics, family medicine, dermatology, psychology, counseling, and social work.
  • Any number of an employee’s dependents can use the plan even if they are not on the employee's medical plan.
  • Teladoc - Marketplace Partner Overview   



Please note:  For your clients accessing Maxwell through the Sun Life offering, Marketplace Services may not be available for groups sitused in New York. Please see the Marketplace Partner Overview for more details.



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