Maxwell Product Update: October 2, 2019

It's no surprise that making insurance decisions during open enrollment can feel stressful for many employees. They're facing choices that impact their family's health and financial situation for the entire year ahead; it can be understandably overwhelming.

One of the ways you can calm this anxious mindset is by offering an intuitive enrollment process that is now even more efficient! We're introducing a few usability improvements to the Maxwell platform that will go a long way in ensuring your employees have a frictionless experience. Let's take a look!

More of a visual learner? Click here to view a webcast session with our team where we:

✅ Reviewed each enhancement in detail
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✅ Answered any burning questions you have!

A Warmer Welcome to Maxwell

We know that Maxwell is often the first time new employees are introduced to your benefits package. As the old saying goes, "you never get a second chance to make a first impression." That's why we made it easier for employees to set up their accounts and immediately understand what to expect from the Maxwell platform.

Why you and your employees will love these changes:

  • The first screen a new employee sees immediately explains what they’ll use Maxwell for and how it’s connected to the benefits you're offering.

  • New guidance on the activation screen ensures employees can quickly activate their accounts before they become distracted with other items that might need their attention.


  • Employees with existing accounts will find that it's now smoother to log into Maxwell whenever they need it. By adding the ability to show and hide their password, we’ve enhanced usability without sacrificing security.


  • New in-app guidance helps employees troubleshoot resetting their passwords and activating their accounts. This will save you from answering logistical questions and sending reset links!


  • Employees can activate and log into their Maxwell accounts on-the-go! The redesign allows employees to access these screens from the browser on their mobile devices without sacrificing visual quality.

    phone_welcome_googlepixel_1_1.png .      phone_login_googlepixel_2.png    

We're confident these updates will help employees get going on Maxwell faster so they can enroll in their benefits without frustration or delay.

This improvement will be available in your Maxwell portal on October 15.

An updated shopping guide is now available in the Employee Help Center

Note: The URL where employees go to log into Maxwell is also being updated with this change. The new URL is If employees go to the old URL ( after October 15, they’ll be redirected to the new one automatically.

Selecting Coverage is Now More Straightforward

It’s now simpler for employees to view plan details and select their coverage in Maxwell. With this change, employees will spend the time they set aside for benefits enrollment doing what they should be doing: weighing their options and deciding what’s best for them and their families.

Why you and your employees will love these changes:

  • The plans available under a benefit type are cleanly displayed with a consistent design and a more straightforward option to waive coverage.


  • A fresh design allows employees to keep the plan's description and details in view while selecting their family members to cover (with fewer clicks!). Plus, the information updates in real time so employees can review it before they add the plan to their cart.


  • A new, clearer workflow helps employees who realize they’re missing a family member they’d like to cover.


  • Coverage and cost information is easier to understand with plain language explanations about how coverage is calculated and when it’s auto-enrolled.


  • Any standard questions that have been set up on the plan to determine the employees’ cost (such as smoking status, spousal surcharge, wellness program participation, and tax status) are built right into the experience. Plus, spousal surcharge questions are now only asked if the employee has listed the spouse as a covered dependent!

  • Every screen that we’ve updated in the employee experience this year has been redesigned to be mobile-responsive in the browser, and these updates are no exception. This means we’re one step closer to end-to-end mobile enrollment (coming soon in Q1 2020).
This improvement will be live in your Maxwell portal on October 15, unless your company is within an annual open enrollment period that day. In that case, we'll make this improvement available right away, once you end open enrollment.

An updated shopping guide is now available in the
Employee Help Center

In Case You Missed It

Here’s a quick roundup of other exciting changes that went live recently!

  • EDI connections with financial and COBRA vendors.
    Have you heard? Maxwell is now able to connect with any financial or COBRA vendor that can accept our standard EDI file!  If you offer financial benefits (HSA, HRA, FSA, LFSA, Commuter) through Maxwell, or work with a COBRA administrator, we can set up an EDI connection that will securely and accurately send enrollment and demographic information from the Maxwell system directly to that vendor’s system. If you're interested, talk to your Advisor! Get an overview of how EDI works in Maxwell >

  • Now support late entry rules for children.
    Evidence of insurability and standard late entry rules are automatically applied for employees and spouses to every voluntary life and most voluntary critical illness benefits in Maxwell, as they’re common rules across these lines of coverage. You can now also set up late entry rules to apply to children. If late entry penalties apply to children for any of the benefits your company offers, talk to your Advisor about setting this up in Maxwell. Learn more about evidence of insurability in Maxwell >

  • Special late entry exceptions extended to certain life events.
    In an effort to increase participation, some carriers may offer different evidence of insurability requirements during certain life events. For special life events, Maxwell now offers the flexibility to allow every employee, spouse, and child to be treated as a first-time enrollee with access to the guaranteed issue, regardless of their past interactions with the benefit. If you're interested, talk to your Advisor about setting up these exceptions in your Maxwell portal. Learn more about evidence of insurability in Maxwell >

Coming Soon

  • Gathering feedback on why employees decline coverage for voluntary benefits
    Later this month, the Maxwell shopping experience will start asking employees a quick question as to why they’ve decided to decline coverage in a voluntary benefit. Our goal is to collect this feedback so that we can improve the user experience in the future.

    Because this information will be used for the purposes of enhancing the platform, it will not be available to you for reporting on the Administrator side. This feedback mechanism will be added to a limited number of employers at first, but we expect to roll it out more broadly this fall.

    The question will appear after an employee waives coverage on the individual plan level. The employee can skip the question if desired.

  • Waiver reasons for medical coverage
    Starting in mid-to-end of November, we’ll provide the ability for employers to collect waiver reasons when an employee waives medical coverage! This will be a setting in the Administrator view and will be turned off by default. You'll have the power to turn it "on," which will require employees who waive medical coverage to select a reason from a set of standard options. Look out for an in-app announcement in November with more information!


  • Improvements to setting up open enrollment
    We’re working on additional guidance and checks to the open enrollment (OE) setup process that will help you feel confident in your annual OE settings and allow you to easily test the employee experience.

    We’ll also add an extra check for passive enrollments to ensure any dependents who are no longer eligible for coverage in the new plan year do not automatically map over as covered dependents. The dependent will display as ineligible to the employee and will be removed from coverage when the new plan year starts. After open enrollment ends, you can run the Enrollment Change Report to view the dependents who were removed from coverage. Learn more about passive enrollments in Maxwell >

  • Life event rules now in beta!
    We know that you may be looking for more control over the benefit changes that employees can make during life events in Maxwell. As a result, we’ve been working on adding life event rules into the Maxwell platform and we're excited to let you know that they'll be available to all customers in early 2020. In the meantime, we’re offering this functionality to any employers who are interested in participating in a beta program!

    The life event rules would allow you to determine which life events qualify an employee to make changes to benefits, which benefits specifically can be changed, and when those changes should become effective. Employees will also have better guidance on what to expect through the life event workflow.


    The beta will kick off on October 7, 2019, and will run for the rest of the year, until we release the functionality to all customers in early 2020. If you'd like to participate at any point this quarter, reach out to Daria Caritano, Associate Director of Product Management, at

  • Paylocity bi-directional API integration
    We’re hard at work on our bi-directional integration with Paylocity and hoping to kick off our beta program at the end of the month! We expect to have the integration available for all employers in early December.

Upcoming Events

The Product Release Webinar on Wednesday, October 9 isn’t our only live session coming up soon that’s focused on the employee experience! You should also join us for our next Live Q&A Workshop Session on Wednesday, October 30 at 12 PM ET where we’ll cover any of your questions on:

  • Recent enhancements to the employee experience
  • What employees can expect during open enrollment
  • Troubleshooting employee questions

Whether you're headed into an annual open enrollment or managing midyear changes, this session is for you!

Thanks for reading! As always, we’d love to hear your feedback!

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