Employee Email Reminders at Open Enrollment

Automatic Reminder Emails

When you set up your Open Enrollment event in Maxwell, we'll turn on email reminders for you automatically to help you manage some of your email communications with employees during this important time. 


This means a reminder email will automatically send to any employees who are in the annual Open Enrollment event and haven’t checked out of shopping 2 business days before the Open Enrollment End Date.

Turn Off Automatic Reminder Emails

If you prefer to manage this communication yourself or wish to customize your communications, you can turn the setting “OFF” at any time by adjusting the toggle.


Please Note:

  • The reminder email is a standard Maxwell template and cannot be edited or customized. See a preview here>>
  • Maxwell indicates employees who do not have an email address on your dashboard. These employees cannot receive email communications or electronic forms from Maxwell until they have an email address entered.
  • You can also turn this setting “ON” or “OFF” once your Open Enrollment setup is complete, even during OE. You can do this right from your Dashboard Enrollment Progress widget.
  • Reminder emails will not send if this setting is turned “ON” with less than 2 business days left in Open Enrollment. If you extend Open Enrollment, it will send the employee an email again 2 business days before the new OE End Date, even if they've already received the email.
  • You can check the "Communications Log" under Tools > Communications > Send > View Log to see who this email has been sent to.
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