Maxwell Product Update: February 27, 2020

This product update continues our efforts towards streamlining how you work in Maxwell and how we assist your employees throughout the benefits process. With more tools and automation, you should be able to spend your time on the things you really care about. Let's take a look at what's new!

Giving you more flexibility with an expanded payroll calendar

Maxwell now gives you more flexibility when it comes to supporting non-standard pay period setups with an expansion of the Payroll Calendar tool. Setting up your payroll calendar has never been easier!

Going forward, the payroll calendar dates you set up in Maxwell Health can now apply not only to financial benefits and integrations, but to any benefits offered to your employees in Maxwell.

How the expanded payroll calendars works:

  • When you set your pay dates in the calendar, you’ll also select which benefits those pay dates apply to.


  • Maxwell will then use the specific dates you enter to calculate your per pay period amounts on those benefits for employees.
  • Any benefits that you do not select to include when setting pay dates in the payroll calendar will calculate per pay period amounts using Maxwell’s assumed number of pay dates based on your pay frequency.

What’s changed:

  • We previously supported applying dates only to benefits with an annual contribution. With this update, we’ve expanded the payroll calendar to allow you to set specific pay dates across all benefit types.
  • You now have the ability to select the benefits in your payroll calendar that your pay dates will specifically apply to.
  • You can set up off-calendar year pay schedules and have that reflected in the employee per pay period amount.
    • For example, a school that has benefit deductions taken semi-monthly for only nine months of the year can now have per pay period amounts calculate based on the dates entered on the Payroll Calendar rather than defaulting to Maxwell’s standard semi-monthly pay period calculation across the full year.

Who should take advantage of the payroll calendar in Maxwell?

Remember that Maxwell automatically calculates per pay period amounts for benefits using an assumed number of pay dates based on the pay frequency (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc). However, in some situations, entering paycheck dates into the payroll calendar may provide your clients with more accurate pay period costs.

You’ll want to make sure you enter dates and keep the payroll calendar updated if:

  • You offer financial benefits to employees (examples: HSA, FSA, LFSA, DCA).
  • You’ve set up an integration that relies on pay dates to know when to send information (like a payroll or financial benefits integration).
  • You have a different number of annual pay dates from Maxwell’s standard pay frequency settings.

What else should you know?

If you currently use the Payroll Calendar, your existing pay dates will carry over into the expanded Payroll Calendar - but for financial benefits only. This means the dates that you’ve already entered on the Payroll Calendar will only be applied to the financial benefits in your portal. Your other benefits default to Maxwell’s assumed number of pay dates based on your pay frequency setting.

If you would like to change your payroll calendar to now include additional benefits for the pay dates you’ve entered, you can review your existing payroll calendar and make updates there.

Click here for more details on how to Set Up Your Payroll Calendar >>


Tip: The beginning of the year is a great time to review salary effective date preferences and the payroll calendar - especially if you will be making annual salary adjustments for the year soon.

More visibility and automation when children age off of benefits

We know you manage a lot in your day-to-day. That’s why we continue to simplify and automate tasks for you in Maxwell - especially around managing eligibility. This release will help you by automating child dependent age off situations in the Maxwell portal.

Going forward, you no longer need to manually update Maxwell when a child has reached the maximum age allowed under a benefit. When the child has reached the maximum age allowed under a benefit in Maxwell:

  • The child dependent will automatically be removed from the relevant benefit.
  • Maxwell will send a notification to any Admin set up to receive “All Change Reasons” notifications or the “Dependent Age Off” change reason notification.


After being notified of the details, you can then complete any additional steps - inside or outside of Maxwell.

  • For example, if you take advantage of Maxwell’s COBRA functionality, you’ll want to mark the COBRA event for the dependent in Maxwell.

Please note for this update and going forward, Maxwell will use the rules you’ve already provided during the setup of the portal to automate the dependent age off action. These rules include the timing for the end of eligibility (i.e. birthday, end of birthday month, end of calendar year) and the maximum ages for child, student child, and disabled child dependents.


Tip: Now is the perfect opportunity to check your notification settings. You should ensure that at least one administrator at the organization is alerted when these updates happen. View more about Setting up Notifications here >>


Enhancing the employee experience

  • Employee out-of-pocket expense educator (Coming soon!) 
    We’re helping employees connect the dots between their medical benefit coverage and the supplemental health benefits your clients offer as part of their complete benefits package. Since these benefits can help bridge the financial gap if the unexpected should happen, we’ll help educate employees so they can feel better prepared.


This improvement will be available in early March for Maxwell employers if you offer supplemental health benefits as part of your full benefit offering.

  • Easier way to add beneficiaries in Maxwell (Coming soon!)
    If an employee has already entered a member of their family as a dependent to be covered under benefits, they can now simply select that family member from the dropdown to have those details auto-fill when completing beneficiary information.


Coming soon! This improvement will be available in early March for Maxwell employers.

  • A better way to view and compare plans in Maxwell (Now live!)
    New side-by-side views for Medical, Dental and Vision benefits in Maxwell allow employees to compare plan details and costs across all the plans they’re offered in a more straightforward, and mobile-friendly way.


In case you missed it

  • Masquerading banner added to the member view
    Now, we’re surfacing more details to you when you use the “Login as Employee” feature to view the member area of Maxwell. An additional banner at the top of the screen gives you guidance detailing which member and employer you’re currently viewing.


  • Internet Explorer no longer supported as of March 1, 2020
    Just a quick reminder! As we posted a few months ago, Maxwell Health is joining other software organizations in discontinuing support of Internet Explorer (IE). On March 1, 2020, IE will no longer be supported. If you or your employees are using IE to log into Maxwell, we recommend you switch to Microsoft Edge or another more powerful, supported browser, to improve your Maxwell experience.

You can view more information here, or review the list of supported browsers here >>

Thanks for reading! As always, we’d love to hear your feedback!

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