Maxwell Product Update: March 24, 2020

As unexpected challenges hit across the globe, we know more and more of you are focusing on how to support your employees - especially if you're moving to a remote setup. While you may be anxious, rest assured that Maxwell is here to support you. 

This month we're introducing a new way to seamlessly assist your Spanish speaking employees and a few usability improvements to the Maxwell platform that will go a long way in ensuring your employees have a frictionless experience.

Let's take a look!

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✅ A live demonstration of recent releases including our Spanish translation feature
✅ A review of some of the more recent employee enhancements in detail
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 Say ¡Hola! to Spanish language support in Maxwell

We know you do your best to support a growing and diverse employee population, so when it comes down to how your employees experience Maxwell, we also want to support you in that effort!

That’s why we’re excited to announce that Maxwell now provides a comprehensive Spanish language translation option available for employees to view and enroll in benefits in Maxwell.

Maxwell’s new Spanish translation feature uses a powerful combination of expert human translators and machine intelligence to provide a better benefits experience for your Spanish-speaking employees and their families.

  • With Maxwell’s language preference setting, employees can choose whether to view text in English or Spanish (Español) for a ‘choose-your-own’ language experience.


  • Whether logging into the Maxwell site by phone, tablet, or computer, the Spanish language translation option can help your employees navigate, understand, and enroll in benefits on Maxwell.


This is just one more step in our continuing mission to make Maxwell easy to use for all the employees you support on a daily basis. By giving your employees the option to choose the language they learn best with, their full attention can focus on the benefits you provide rather than the task of translating.

Learn more about the Spanish language preference setting here >>


 Simpler way to undo an employee termination

Ever had a time when you just wish there was an undo button? Maybe you’re moving fast or an employee changes their mind and you’ve already updated your systems - we know changes (and mistakes) happen.

With that in mind, we’ve got some great news! We’ve now given you more control to make the correction you need for a mistaken termination.

If you need to undo a termination for an employee, and the termination date in Maxwell is within 30 days, you’ll now have the option to Reinstate an Employee.


With the new reinstate feature, the system will automatically:

  • Set the employee’s status back to Active
  • Remove the termination date from the employee’s profile
  • Restore the previous benefit enrollments
  • Remove any related COBRA events

While this time saving tool is great for corrections, this tool should only be used if the employee never actually ended their employment with your company for any portion of time. If the employee was terminated you can use Maxwell’s Rehire feature.

Learn more about reinstating an employee here >>


 Employee Login and Password Enhancements

We know that Maxwell is just one of many apps your employees may be using at work. The trouble is, with more apps come more passwords to remember. We don’t think anything, not complex login pages nor forgotten passwords, should ever stand in the way of employees accessing the tools they need in Maxwell.

That’s why even these small updates simplifying how employees access Maxwell and reducing any login friction make us jump for joy!

Now Live! Employees can login to Maxwell using Sign in with Google

Maxwell now supports Google sign-in for your employees. Any of your employees with a Google account as the email address listed in Maxwell will be able to sign into their Maxwell member account using their Google account details.

  • To get started, they’ll just choose “Sign in with Google” at sign-in and follow the prompts.


Google sign-in support follows last year's enhancements around simplifying the login and activation process for employees. We believe these updates will further our goal of providing your employees with an easy, simple experience with Maxwell, no matter what device they use.

Please note that Google Sign-in is optional for employees. It’s up to your employees to decide whether or not to enable Google sign-in for their account. If they’re not sure, they can continue to use the standard Maxwell Health login with password. They can always choose to use our traditional login option, but we think they’re going to love it.

Learn more about Signing in with Google here»

Now Live! Employees can request a password reset via text message

We know your employees want the flexibility to choose what device they use when engaging and accessing Maxwell. That’s why we’re working towards increasing satisfaction with mobile and web users alike!

As a first step in a larger effort around text message communication, we’re introducing a small enhancement that allows employees with a current mobile phone listed in Maxwell to choose their preferred method for resetting their password.

  • If an employee needs to reset their password in Maxwell, they’ll see an option to use Email or Text / SMS to receive a verification to reset their password.


  • After requesting the code, employees will then enter the verification code they’ve received by text and follow the steps to reset their password and login to Maxwell.


By allowing employees to receive either email or text message notifications, we hope they’ll have an easier experience with convenient access to Maxwell.

Learn more about password reset here >>

 Thanks for reading! As always, we’d love to hear your feedback!

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