Maxwell Product Update: April 30, 2020

With the recent redesigning of the employee experience, we’ve been busy with further improvements that will enable employees to feel confident shopping for their benefits and understanding their enrollment from whatever device they choose. Let’s dive right in!


Going mobile with new on-the-go capabilities

The Maxwell Health Mobile App now brings everything together in one place. With the addition of enrollment capabilities (benefits shopping!) and streamlined login enhancements, we’re helping your employees more than ever as they choose, enroll in and access their benefits. Employees can easily manage all the same great benefits information they see online in Maxwell, directly in the Maxwell mobile app.


Shop for benefits

Employees can choose and enroll in benefits quickly and simply right from the mobile app. It’s easy to understand coverage, compare across plans, and select the benefits that make sense.


View benefits on the go

Employees can continue to access coverage details for all their benefits on Maxwell including medical, dental, vision, life, disability, supplemental health plans and healthcare spending accounts.


Need to make changes?

With the benefit shopping capabilities added in the mobile app, employees can now also use the app to make important updates to benefits when life events happen, like moving off of parent’s coverage, getting married, or having a baby.


Get a full financial view

With all the benefit details included in the app, employees can continue to keep a pulse on monthly and per pay period benefit costs from wherever they are. 

We’ll also update materials and provide you with the tools to assist your employees as you communicate the ability for them to use the mobile app, including - where and how to download, and what to expect when using the app!

  Please note: This feature update for the Maxwell Mobile App is live in the Google Play Store for Android and Apple iOS App Store.

Helping your employees make the most of their benefits

Employees have a lot on their plate at enrollment and the “benefit vs. cost” equation is not always a simple exercise. As an employer, you do your part in providing employees access to benefits that help protect their families with better peace of mind and financial security. We want to continue to support you and set up your employees for success.

Now, as employees enroll in a Sun Life Critical Illness or Accident plan in Maxwell, we’ll highlight the easy-to-claim, built-in wellness benefit that can actually offset an employee’s costs of the benefit while they ensure they have the coverage protection they need for their family.


How it works! A few ways this tool is helpful for your employees:

  • Highlighting when a wellness benefit is part of a Sun Life Critical Illness or Accident plan offered to an employee
  • Spotlighting the wellness benefit payout amount
  • Providing a personalized illustration of the wellness benefit
  • Giving simple guidance on how to redeem the wellness benefit
  • Directing the employee on where to go to access the claim form when they need it

For example, as an employee views a Sun Life Critical Illness or Accident plan where a wellness benefit is included, they’ll see how the wellness payout could effectively cover some (or even all) of the cost of their coverage.

Since knowing the full financial cost is one of the top items on an employee’s mind as they enroll in benefits, this allows the employee to see the full value and make an informed decision.

Please note: The wellness benefit highlighter will only appear in Maxwell for employers offering a Sun Life Critical Illness or Sun Life Accident plan that includes a wellness benefit.

Enhancing electronic forms for working with your remote workforce

We’ve heard your feedback loud and clear. While you told us you love electronic forms (especially as you work more and more with your remote workforce) you wish there were fewer steps. So we’ve made a few improvements that we think will help!

Remove the approval step if you don’t need it - the choice is yours

Don't need to approve forms? The choice to approve or skip straight to download is now yours. When you have forms that require employees to sign, but may not need your specific HR approval, you can set them to go straight to “Completed” after the employee signs. That way all your completed forms are there when you need them, but don’t require action from you.

  • If you’d prefer to skip the HR Approval step for certain forms that employees are electronically signing, you can now head to the “Settings” of your form and turn off the “HR Approval” requirement.


While this setting is turned on by default for any forms added into your portal, it can always be turned off or back on at any time by an Administrator.

Learn more about managing electronic forms here >> 

Want more real-time alerts and fewer manual check-ins?

  • Automatically remind employees when they still have forms to complete - Set it and forget it. Maxwell keeps track of forms that employees have been sent and follows up with employees automatically when they haven’t finished signing. Now you don’t have to worry about employees who may forget to complete and sign since they’ll get automated reminders.


  • Get notified when your employees complete electronic forms - In addition to a dashboard where you can track statuses, Maxwell can proactively alert you when employees have completed electronic forms. Then you can review and download those completed forms.


  • Set a reminder for yourself or other Admins to review completed forms - If your employees have completed forms and you haven’t yet reviewed or downloaded, you can get a weekly email of forms that are ready for your approval.

These new form reminder notifications for your employees and administrators have been turned on for you automatically with the release of these features.

Please note: Administrator form notifications have been set up for you based on the existing system notification setting you had in your portal. You can review or update these notification settings at any time.

Learn more about notification settings here >>

Easily upload or update custom field details for your employees

With this release, we’re increasing your data management abilities since we know managing employee information is a critical part of any HR professional’s responsibilities. We also know you want the flexibility to make changes on your own timeline. That’s why we’re enabling you with more self-serve options in Maxwell.

If you’re taking advantage of custom fields in Maxwell then you now have the option to set custom field values for employees in bulk

  • We’ve enhanced the Bulk Upload Tool you use today to include columns for any Custom Fields you have setup in Maxwell.


  • Your file uploads fast and our system validates the data you’ve uploaded to make sure you’ve only included custom field values that match your custom field setup.
  • User-friendly and robust validation will alert you to any information you may need to fix - with the exact employee name and row on the file.


  • Once you upload your file and it passes through the built-in data validation, you’ll be able to review before applying to ensure you know what information is getting updated.

Are you updating a bunch of custom employee identification codes, or adding a lot of new employees who have custom-built fields that need to be completed? Simply export the existing employee data or download template found in the bulk upload tool, fill out the details, and upload into Maxwell.

Note: To maintain proper permissions for Standard Administrators and Master Administrators around editing salaries, the Bulk Upload tool is still only available to Master Administrators.

Learn more about Importing New Hires and Updating Existing Employee Info in Bulk >>


Rehiring employees? Let’s automate the experience!

Depending on the circumstances, benefit plans may have different requirements around waiting periods when employees are rehired within a certain timeframe. Additionally, certain benefits with late entry or guaranteed issue requirements (like a Voluntary Life plan) may work differently depending on the timeframe in which the employee returns.

Coming soon, Maxwell will support capturing your rehire provision rules to automate the rehire enrollment process in Maxwell.

The following will be available to set up on each benefit in Maxwell:

  • Rehire provision timeframe: The time between the employee’s date of termination and the rehire date during which the employee would be subject to certain rehire provisions with the carrier.
  • Rehire waiting period: The waiting period before benefits become effective that would apply for an employee that has been rehired within a rehire provision timeframe.

Once rehire provisions have been captured in Maxwell for your benefits, you’ll no longer need to manage the specific requirements on an individual basis when you rehire an employee.


Rehire provisions for your benefits will be captured by your Advisor at the time of your next renewal. If you would like to set up rehire provisions on your existing benefits in Maxwell prior to your next renewal, you can reach out to the Maxwell Support team to get those added.

In case you missed it

Small things can add up to make a big difference. In case you missed it, here are a few enhancements to the employee and administrator workflows we released in April, some of them based on your feedback—see below and keep the feedback coming! 🚀

Adding newborn child dependents without Social Security Number (SSN)

  • Even if the SSN requirement for dependents is turned on, employees will be able to add a child dependent who is 6 months or younger without needing to add an SSN. This assists your employees who are trying to update Maxwell based on a recent life event, but may not have the SSN record just yet for the newborn.


  • Keep in mind, the employee will still need to update the SSN in Maxwell once they receive it.

Hiding dependents from the employee view

  • If an employee requests to no longer see a dependent on their profile, we now have the “hide dependent” option. This allows you to remove the dependent from the employee’s view, but still keeps a copy of their record in Maxwell. This may be helpful for record keeping, reports, or for things like ACA reporting.


Enhanced email alerts for employees

  • We want to continue to provide a positive and secure experience for your employees as they use Maxwell. So we’ve released some additional system alerts around things like logging in, resetting their password, and changing their email address to help employees stay aware of their account activity.

View a listing of all standard system email templates here >>

 Thanks for reading! As always, we’d love to hear your feedback!

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