Maxwell Product Update: May 28, 2020

We’ve got some big news on the integration front and some features focused on helping our Admins this month (not to mention a cool new preference employees can activate) as we head into summer. Don't be shy, check it out!


Work Smarter (not harder!) Maxwell’s new 360° API Integration with Paylocity now live

Get ready for some exciting payroll-related enhancements that will ensure high-quality data passes between your benefits management experience on Maxwell and your payroll provider in a more efficient way. Let’s dive right in.

If your company uses both Maxwell Health and Paylocity, you’ve already gained efficiency in how you administer your benefits and payroll. With our new Paylocity 360° API integration, your team will unlock a whole new level of productivity. Having this integration means you’ll no longer need to worry about keeping your benefit deductions or employee demographic information in sync between the two systems.

Why you’ll love the integration

Gone are the days of manually entering deductions or updating the same information in two systems. The integration runs continuously in the background, sending benefit deduction changes from Maxwell as well as syncing demographic changes automatically with Paylocity as they happen in real time.

Getting Set up with the Paylocity 360° API Integration

Setting up the integration is self-service and straightforward. A few steps and you'll be off and running! Here’s a quick overview of the steps you’ll take:

  1. Request API Access from Paylocity
  2. Confirm data in Maxwell & Paylocity is accurate
  3. Configure your data sync settings
  4. Resolve any discrepancies
  5. Activate the integration


Once the integration is running, you’ll have a comprehensive view into all the activity through Maxwell’s notification system. Whether it’s new hires getting added, demographic updates, terminations, etc., whatever the change, you can stay up-to-date and manage any next steps you need.



Paylocity charges a one-time $350 setup fee and ongoing $10 per pay period fee for the 360° API integration. This is the standard fee that Paylocity charges. If your company is currently using the Paylocity 180° File Sync integration and would like to move to the API integration, there is no additional fee to make this change as the setup fee will be waived.

What else should you know?

  • Demographic information sends bi-directionally between Maxwell & Paylocity
  • Benefit costs send one-way: from Maxwell to Paylocity
  • While employers can continue to use our Paylocity 180° File Sync, if your company is currently using this integration and would like to move to the API integration, there is no additional fee to make this change.
  • Integration setup and configuration is available to Master Administrators and Advisors only.

Learn more about the 360° Paylocity API integration here >>

Providing more visibility for EDI feeds and integrations

Have an EDI feed or integration in Maxwell? We’ve got some great news! Our updated EDI and Integrations tab now includes a new dashboard view that expands your visibility into EDI information, surfacing details to you directly in your Maxwell portal. Tooltips, guidance and more transparency into your data schedule is sure to save you some extra time.

EDI Dashboard

Not sure what an EDI feed is or how it works? An Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) feed is a connection that allows Maxwell to securely and automatically send employee enrollment information to that carrier or vendor.

With this new update, by navigating to Settings > EDI and Integrations, if you have a live EDI feed for benefits connected in your Maxwell portal you’ll see a dashboard view of your live EDI feeds in the portal highlighting:

  • Your benefit carrier(s) with a connected EDI feed
  • Types of benefits that are included on the file (i.e. medical, dental, vision, etc)
  • Standard schedule of when information is sent on the EDI feed (example Weekly on Fridays)
  • Last sync date when information was sent from Maxwell


Please note: the EDI dashboard will only show information for employers with live EDI feeds based on currently active benefits in Maxwell. While this dashboard does not include feeds that are currently in the status of being set up, we hope to add this in the future!

Is there other information you think would be helpful to include on your EDI dashboard? Check out your EDI dashboard and let us know! You can use the Give Feedback tool in your portal and tell us what you think.

Have additional questions? Learn more about working with EDI feeds here >>

More insight into Maxwell integration options

Our redesigned integrations tab under settings also gives you quick access to the connections that can make your administrative life easier. This is where you’ll find the new Paylocity 360° integration to get started, along with other connections we have available.


You can learn more about available integrations in Maxwell here >>

Get the information you need from reports with fewer steps

Based on feedback we’ve heard from you, a few new reporting enhancements should make your life easier! We’ve focused on helping you narrow in on the coverage and cost data you're looking for with advanced filtering and additional cost column selection options. With these report upgrades, we hope you’ll find exactly what you need with fewer steps along the way.

  • Streamlining your Reports Library in Maxwell. We’ve now included all benefit types you need in a single horizontal formatted report. This change applies to both our Coverage and Pending Election reports:



Previously: Now live:
Two horizontal report options were available for enrolled coverages (as well as similar options for pending elections) in your Reports Library. One horizontal report option in Maxwell includes all benefit type options for you to choose from when you run and download the report.

Quick win! Additionally, we’ve enhanced how we order columns for benefits in the horizontal report. Now regardless of which benefits the employees have chosen to enroll in, the benefit order is consistent across all employees.

  • Cost fields columns added. We’ve now included cost field column options into our upgraded vertical and horizontal Cost and Coverage and Pending Election Cost and Coverage reports, so you’ll have one go-to report for all your coverage and cost needs.


  • Easier way to filter reports by benefit type. It’s now simpler for you to select the benefit types you’d like to include when running a report in Maxwell. With this change, when filtering a report, you can start at the higher level of benefit type, but will still have the ability to drill down into individual benefits as needed.


  • Member Types filter added to Demographic Census Report. You now have more flexibility when running a report to capture demographic information on employees or dependents.


Whether you're running reports as you work with a specific carrier, vendor, or separate technology, you can easily set the information you need. And don’t forget, you can save your ideal filter settings as a custom report to use in the future!

You can learn more about reporting in Maxwell here >>

Employees can now enable text message communications from Maxwell

Communication with employees is one of the most important areas you manage, especially as many employees are working remotely now and in the future. Maxwell wants to help you remain flexible and increase the ways you engage employees so you can continue to deliver the best experience possible.

With Maxwell’s new text message preference for employees, we’ve added an additional communication layer to help you reach your employees with the technology they already use in their everyday life - in this case, their phone!

The new communication preference setting allows employees with a current mobile phone listed in Maxwell to receive important system notifications via text message in addition to the email communications they already receive today.


Once enabled, employees can receive targeted messages to keep them informed on important benefit updates such as enrollment reminders, confirmations from enrollment and even certain action item reminders - like if they need to complete forms in Maxwell.

And, it’s super easy to turn on! To get started, employee’s can:

  • Navigate to My Profile and view their communication preferences.
  • If they haven’t already, they can add their mobile phone number and select the option to receive text message notifications.
  • They’ll then be prompted to verify their phone number using a confirmation code.
  • Once they’ve verified their number, they’ll be all set.


Only employees who have opted in and have a valid phone number will receive text message notifications. Employees can also turn off the text message preference or opt-out of receiving text messages from Maxwell at any time.

What notifications can be sent by text message from Maxwell?

When enabled, this new feature allows employees to receive text messages for only the following automated, system notifications and is not customizable by Advisors or Administrators:

  • Automated notification to the employee that their annual open enrollment, new hire, or life event shopping period is ending soon
  • Member Password Reset
  • Notification to employee that new form was sent to them by the Admin
  • Notification that employee needs to authorize changes to a form
  • Employee Confirmation of Benefits when an employee checks out of shopping
  • Notification that employee email was changed in Maxwell
  • Notification that employee password was updated in Maxwell
  • Notification that employee account is temporarily locked

You can see more details on what information is included in the text messages employees will receive here >>

Coming Soon...

Adding employees into Maxwell if you don’t have a company email address

  • If you don’t have a company email address requirement for your organization, you may not always know a new employee’s email address right away. With a new feature coming soon, as long as you have the employee’s basic information (including Social Security Number), you’ll be able to get started adding them into Maxwell sooner. We’ll then be able to capture the email address directly from the employee when they first activate their account.

Highlighting important COVID-19 coverage information for employees

  • For employees who are enrolled in or eligible to enroll in a Sun Life Critical Illness plan that includes a COVID-19 critical benefit, we’ll highlight more information about this coverage.


We’ll have more information on this for you soon, so be on the lookout for our upcoming updates!

 Thanks for reading! As always, we’d love to hear your feedback!

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